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This app is awesome!

What would be a really great feature would be an option to have the scout app icon bounce, or the app could come to the foreground, or some form of visual "hey there!" when your sass fails to compile.

It would be really great to be alerted to the fact that your code hasn't compiled CSS.



Desktop notifications and alerts are on our roadmap, but won't be introduced soon as it's part of Phase 5.

Quick breakdown:

  • Phase 1: Get a functional app up and running. (Minimal Viable Product)
  • Phase 2: Community input and bug fixes (that's you)
  • Phase 3: Create an automated build process to allow for faster updates and deploys (In progress)
  • Phase 4: Make a website for the app (in progress)
  • Phase 5: New features for future versions. (waiting on Phases 1-4 to be completed).

Here's the list of features currently planned:

Unless we find bugs between now and coming out of beta, the only thing left to change is replacing Compass's logo with our new Scout The Puppy logo. Which we kind of need to do, since Compass is not built in to Scout-App 2 like it was in Scout-App 0.7. So we really shouldn't be using their logo anymore.


Desktop notification settings for success and error messages have been added to the master branch. This will be in the next release of Scout-App.

TheJaredWilcurt commented Oct 1, 2016 edited


There is a new release of Scout-App available for download.

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