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1. New keys need translated

There have been a lot of changes to the translation file recently. I'll be gearing up to do a new release of Scout-App in the next week or two.

All new keys have been Google Translated, so you just need to look at anything that is Red and verify that it is correct and turn it Black, or correct it and then turn it black.

Here are the two new screens for reference for the new translation keys.


2. Site Credits

After I release the next version of Scout-App, the translator credits on will be updated to match this list:

Let me know if your information needs changed. (The list is ordered chronologically)


@blackbetty @StephanRaab @phpgeek @lucapalomba

Reminder to take a look at the translation file and correct or improve the Google Translated text. I'll be doing builds and releasing the app in a few days, so whatever state the translations are in then will be in the next release.


New version with these keys has been released. You can still improve any of the translations if you didn't get a chance for this release and they'll go into the next release.

Closing this issue.

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