Scout-App 2 Logo

After many years in the making, I'm happy to release the first official version of Scout-App since 2012. It has been completely re-written (100% new code), uses all new technology, and comes loaded with a ton of new features. See the website for a list of major features.


Changes since 2.0.1-Beta 2 (April 26th, 2016)

  • Features:
    • Added Family.scss and Sierra mixin libraries.
    • Relocated Themes folder for easier access
    • Added Dutch language translation (Thanks to Stephan)
    • Added Zorin 9 and Zorin 11 to officially supported OS's
    • Added support for Ubuntu 16 (Ubuntu 12 and 14 still supported)
    • Added support for Debian 8
    • Apparently we can support all the way back to OSX 10.6 (NW.js is so much better than Electron)
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Added in Recursive folder processing for Sass files (#241)
    • First Time User Experience now only shows projects folders that contain at least one project
    • Auto-Guesser for Sass input/output folders is now case sensitive (for my Linux homies)
    • Fixed a 1px bug above the sidebar that was driving me crazy
  • Project Management:
    • Added Kim and Dan to the credits
    • Relocated and organized lots of the content from the README to it's own Documentation folder or to the website.
    • Updated all License files
  • Marketing:
    • Updated to new custom logo featuring Scout the Puppy
    • New website created! Thanks to Luis, Kim, and Micah.
    • Tutorial videos produced/uploaded (In progress)
  • Tech Debt:
    • Created Automated build script to make updating Scout-App in the future much easier/faster
    • Improved the saved settings file.

Changes since 2.0.0-Beta 1 (April 17th, 2016)

  • Added Russian and improved French translations, special thanks to Stephan Raab and Daniel Golant.
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for OSX to quit the program and open dev tools
  • Various bug fixes and improvements to code base, particularly around creating projects and saving settings.