FTUX, Drag & Drop, Multi Import, and 3 new translations

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The Scout-App logo featuring Scout the Puppy in a santa hat and a large snowflake

We spent a month discussing and designing improvements to the First Time User Experience (FTUX). Hopefully this makes Scout-App much easier to use for both new users, and existing. You can also drag and drop projects into the app now, and there is a new and improved Multi-Project Import screen (seen below).

Changes since 2.6.8 (Oct 13th, 2016)

There have been a lot of code changes since 2.6.8 (89 commits). For those interested:

FTUX: First Time User Experience

Multi-Project Import Modal


  • A complete re-design of the FTUX (#273)
  • Drag & Drop projects to Import (#259)
  • Drag & Drop project to Scout-App executable or shortcut icon. This will launch Scout-App and import the project.
  • Scan for projects folders and display an animated count of projects found on the FTUX screen.
  • Multi-Project import outside of FTUX view.
  • New theme, created by w3suli (#287)

W3Suli Theme

Bug fixes

  • The project image auto-guesser was silently failing sometimes. It's been improved in several ways so it will better guess your project's icon.
  • Multiple translators can now be credited for the same language.
  • If you are not using a 32-Bit or 64-Bit machine, there was a console error that is resolved. However Scout-App still only supports 32-Bit and 64-Bit.
  • We now auto-remove the duplicate CSS3 sass mixin file on run for local development of Scout-App.
  • I'd previously fixed a small bug where there was an extra return in the code block of error messages. Turns out that after removing the extra return it looked right on Windows, but Linux had no return at all. Re-fixed this for both OS's now.

Project Management


Hungarian, Vietnamese, and Chinese memes

Tech Debt

  • Created a Node script to automatically download our Translation file from Google Sheets and process it into a JSON dictionary. No more manually creating JSON! This will make updating translations super easy.
  • Updated Scout-App's translation engine to use the new dictionary JSON.
  • Added in Sass Linting and ESLint for JavaScript. Linted all files.
  • Added in EditorConfig file.
  • Updated to Node LibSass Bindings v3.8.0 so users will be able to take advantage of the latest Sass language features available.


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