Top requested features and bug fixes

@TheJaredWilcurt TheJaredWilcurt released this Oct 1, 2016 · 123 commits to master since this release

Scout-App 2 Logo

The version number of Scout-App will shoot up now. For each new feature the middle digit gets increased. For each new bug fix the last digit gets increased. The first one is increased by branding changes and breaking changes.

Scout-App 2.0.2 becomes Scout-App 2.5.7
because Scout-App {branding/breaking changes}.{features}.{bugs}

Changes since 2.0.2 (July 31st, 2016)

For those interested in the code changes since 2.0.2.


  • Drag and Drop projects in the sidebar to reorder them. #130
  • Right-click to delete an project from the sidebar #65
  • Rename projects #179
  • Desktop notifications for alerts and errors #240 #79 #12
  • Play sounds with alerts/messages #161

Bug fixes

  • Added the rem mixin library to Scout-App to fix susyone bug #256
  • Compass-mixins were outdated and couldn't handle compact function. #260
  • Don't create empty folders in the output directory #262
  • Updated Node Sass/LibSass Bindings, to fix :not processing error. #264 #254
  • Check the Desktop for project folders too

Project Management

  • The project has been moved from the mhs repo to it's own scout-app organization. The website has been moved over too. And we've updated all links and references to reflect the new location.
  • Hundreds of issues have been closed, most of which marked as fixed by Scout-App 2.
  • Added a great deal more information to the documentation to make it easier for contributors to understand what everything in the project is/does.
  • Moved previous Project Phases to the new GitHub Projects page. The last phase is still in the documentation folder, as the new Projects page is lacking in certain features so I can't directly port it over yet.
  • Added several more people to list of Contributors for Scout-App Classic, thanks to Gource


Language Memes


Tech Debt

  • I've significantly improved our build script, ensuring that new releases will be much less of a burden or manual process. Works great on Windows, Linux, and OSX. There is still some one-time setup stuff that has to be done, that could be automated with a network request to download and unzip NW.js, but for now I think this is acceptable.