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Scout APM PHP Extension

CI Build

The Scout APM PHP extension allows instrumentation of internal PHP functions that can't be done in regular PHP. The scout-apm-php package detects if the scoutapm extension is loaded and will automatically send this data if available.

This extension allows instrumentation of:

  • Core functions: file_get_contents, file_put_contents, fread, fwrite
  • Curl functions: curl_exec
  • PDO methods: PDO->exec, PDO->query, PDOStatement->execute
  • Predis PHP library methods
  • phpredis PHP extension methods
  • Memcached PHP extension methods
  • Elasticsearch PHP library methods

If you would like another function instrumented, please let us know on our issues.

The following functions are exposed when the extension is enabled:

  • scoutapm_enable_instrumentation(bool $enabled): void
    • Enable or disable instrumentation by ScoutAPM at runtime. Instrumentation is disabled by default, so this must be called with $enabled to true.
  • scoutapm_get_calls(): array
    • Returns a list of any instrumented function calls since scoutapm_get_calls() was last called. The list is cleared each time the function is called.
  • scoutapm_list_instrumented_functions(): array
    • Returns a list of the functions the extension will instrument if called.

Installing from PECL

The Scout APM extension is available to install using PECL.

$ sudo pecl install scoutapm

You may need to add into your php.ini to enable the extension.


$ phpize
$ ./configure --enable-scoutapm
$ make test

Run tests with installed PHP (avoids skipped tests):

make && php run-tests.php -d zend_extension=$(pwd)/modules/ --show-diff -q

Note: whilst a CMakeLists.txt exists, this project does NOT use CMake. The CMakeLists.txt exists so this project can be worked on in CLion. See

Building with specific PHP build

$ /path/to/bin/phpize
$ ./configure --with-php-config=/path/to/bin/php-config --enable-scoutapm
$ make test

Building with Docker

@todo: make docker build configurable...

docker build .
docker run -v $PWD/modules:/v <hash_from_build>


Use gdb (e.g. in CLion) to debug. Once running, php-src has a GDB helper:

source /path/to/php-src/.gdbinit
printzv <thing>
print_ht <thing>

Release Procedure

  • Open package.xml
  • Copy the current release into a new changelog.release element
  • Update the current release section (date/time/version/stability/notes)
  • pecl package-validate to check everything looks good
  • Increase/verify PHP_SCOUTAPM_VERSION version listed in zend_scoutapm.h
  • Commit update to package.xml
  • Rebuild from scratch (, then build as above)
  • make test to ensure everything passes locally
  • Push the branch (optionally, make a PR to GitHub) to trigger CI to build
  • Once merged, close the milestone to automatically release & generate the TGZ asset
  • Go to the latest release just created
  • Download the TGZ asset and upload it to


Native Extension Component for ScoutAPM's PHP Agent







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