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Plugins for the Scout Server Monitoring and Reporting Tool
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Latest commit f57ccdb @itsderek23 itsderek23 fixing bad param
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amazon_datapipeline_status adding scout plugin to monitor amazon's data pipeline pipeline status
amazon_s3 Rename things so they sort better
amazon_ses_quota added ses stats, renamed old ses to ses_quota
amazon_ses_stats added ses stats, renamed old ses to ses_quota
amazon_sqs created new sqs status plugin, moved old to archive
apache2_status fixed typo in yaml
apache_analyzer fix bug in apache analyzer
apache_load Added test
asterisk_monitoring updates to mysql slow queries to handle utc, added initial asterisk p…
beanstalkd_monitoring label update
celery_overall Consistent naming btw directories, plugin files, and class names, cha…
celery_task_details Consistent naming btw directories, plugin files, and class names, cha…
celery_tasks Consistent naming btw directories, plugin files, and class names, cha…
ceph fix broken yaml after ruby 1.9 upgrade
check_timestamp fix check_timestamp test
cloudkick_wrapper Add Cloudkick plugin wrapper
couchbase_stats Adding couchbase stats plugin.
couchdb_database_monitoring Added authentication options (click advanced settings)
couchdb_overall_monitoring Better error message for Errno::ECONNREFUSED
cpu_usage Just reporting steal and not guest metrics, updating tests, cleaning …
delayed_job Fix AR 2.x find syntax for delayed_job
directory_size directory size
disk_inode_usage converting to integers to remove '%'
disk_usage tighten up capacity field requirements
docker_monitor handling stats not present
ec2_cloudwatch fix broken yaml after ruby 1.9 upgrade
ec2_monitor Merge branch 'master' of i…
elasticsearch_cluster_status Added query rate / time metadata
elasticsearch_index_status fix tests
elasticsearch_node_status divide-by-zero error in elasticsearch node status
environment_check changed wording
exim added Exim plugin
file_stat Alert only on status change for file_stat
freeradius_stats min_value should be low_value
galera_cluster_status Adds local_recv_queue and local_send_queue.
gearman_overview task to job
gearman_task Added gearman plugins.
generic_json_uri Forgot to commit the test file.
generic_shell_command added generic shell command plugin
haproxy_monitoring Add option for OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE to haproxy_monitoring plugin
heroku_dataclip Comment fix in heroku_dataclip
influxdb fix influx typo
innodb_stats remove unnecessary rescue from innodb stats
iostat Use absolute value to iostat wait calculation
java_heap update java heap monitor to work with sudo
jmx_agent Report the exception when the JMX command fails
jstat removed puts debugging line
kestrel_overall Deal with cases where the stats aren't available
kestrel_queue Deal with cases where the stats aren't available
load_averages using all caps for LANG
log_watcher Change logic for log watcher first run
logstash_elasticsearch_canary using status code if present
lxc_monitor docker support for the docker plugin
mail_monitor added mailq monitor
mdstat Mdstat detects down disks
memcached_stats Cleaned up the `memcached_stats` plugin and added test
memory_profiler fix broken yaml after ruby 1.9 upgrade
mk_heartbeat added mk_heatbeat from Matt Griffith
mod_pagespeed_monitoring Support for parsing mod_pagespeed tags when they are embedded inside …
mongo_database_stats Fixing MongoDB Database Stats to use correct version checking as used…
mongo_replicaset_monitoring fix mongo bug when current_member is not set
mongo_server_status removing newer Ruby hash syntax
mongo_slow_queries update mongo slow queries for gem v2
mongrel_cluster_monitor report exceptions
mpstat fix broken yaml after ruby 1.9 upgrade
mysql2_replication_monitor Replication_running = 1 if in_ignore_window and cannot connect to mysql
mysql_buffer_pool_stats A bunch of new MySQL global status tracking plugins.
mysql_data_log A bunch of new MySQL global status tracking plugins.
mysql_extra_stats A bunch of new MySQL global status tracking plugins.
mysql_handler_stats A bunch of new MySQL global status tracking plugins.
mysql_innodb_rows A bunch of new MySQL global status tracking plugins.
mysql_mmm initial mysql mmm monitor
mysql_query_statistics removed unnecessary require
mysql_replication_monitor new mysql2 replication monitor plugin
mysql_slow_queries set min value to 5 slow queries /min
mysql_sort_select A bunch of new MySQL global status tracking plugins.
mysql_thread_pool_monitor added start of nginx test
nagios_check_raid Fixing options
nagios_wrapper Error handling in nagios_wrapper
netfilter_conntrack nf conntack module should not divide by 0
network_connections don't distinquish between ip4 and ip6 connections
network_throughput changed /proc/ access to cat -- workaround for http://blade.nagaokaut…
nfs_monitoring Added metadata, handling zero connections
nginx_report consistent formatting
nsq_monitor added topic + channel names to error messages, using precision=0
ntp_time Added NTP Time Metadata
ntpstat Use the original key for synchronized in ntpstat
opsource_cloud_files updated to use x-client-specification header to account for issues wh…
overview_with_alerts fix broken yaml after ruby 1.9 upgrade
passenger Fixed Passenger status reporting for queued requests per app group - …
passenger_memory_stats Ignoring invalid byte sequence exceptions
passenger_status Ruby 1.9.1 compatibility
percona_heartbeat added metadata file & renamed plugin file
php_fpm_status Added metadata, changed message to an error, removed old fpm plugin
ping added simple ping plugin
postgresql_monitoring fix broken metadata for postgresql monitoring
postgresql_replication Adds a plugin to monitor PostgreSQL replication.
powermta_stats moved options in-line and changed require to 'needs'
process_usage Made ignore window an advanced option, renamed directory for clarity
puppet_last_run handling empty puppet file
rabbitmq_overall removing --- from metadata
rabbitmq_queue_details Check for vhost option in order to avoid runtime exception if vhost i…
rails_app_data_example Updated our Rails app data example
rails_requests Remove extra lines from rails_requests test.rb
redis-info redis info: units and updated flow
resque_stats report the number of stored backtraces
riak_stats-core updating riak_stats; adding riak_stats-core and riak_stats-fsm. no te…
riak_stats-fsm updating riak_stats; adding riak_stats-core and riak_stats-fsm. no te…
riak_stats updating riak_stats; adding riak_stats-core and riak_stats-fsm. no te…
rrd_cached switching to unix socket
sidekiq_monitor setting utf encoding
simple_dns_resolver Rename name_resolver to simple_dns_resolver
simple_port_check Removed default ports, added error when no ports
simple_process_check Add notes about memory naming, undo metric name change in simplre pro…
solr_replication single plugin options for master and slave, more error message cleanu…
solr_stats reformat metric names and add labels for solr_stats
sphinx_monitor ignore badly formatted lines in sphinx log
ssl_cert_expiration add yaml
ssl_monitor wrong default for ssl_monitor
stale_daemon_monitor monitor a collection of process names
starling_monitor Removed error rescue so full backtrace comes thru, remove alert logic…
swappiness using native counters
tcp_socket_state Added more plugins
tomcat_monitor fixing exception logging
tungsten Fixed an issue with datasources alert
url_monitor fixing bad param
uwsgi_monitoring add labels and precision to uwgsi monitoring
varnish support Varnish 4
vertica_query_metrics using current session table
zookeeper_info Fixing typo
zz_archive fix broken yaml
.gitignore add ruby-version to gitignore
Gemfile Added Directory Size Plugin
Gemfile.lock Added Directory Size Plugin
MIT-LICENSE Added MIT License typo in readme
Rakefile added rakefile to automatically run all plugin test.rb tests
test_helper.rb elasticsearch node name defaults to hostname

Scout Plugins Library

Scout is a hosted monitoring solution. Scout uses open-source plugins (written in Ruby) to monitor a wide variety of system, OS, and application metrics.

Each folder in this repository represents one Scout plugin.

Gem Dependencies

This repo contains a Gemfile to use with bundler to install needed Gems for tests and the plugins themselves.

If you don't have Bundler:

gem install bundler

Once Bundler is installed:

bundle install

How to Make your own Scout plugin

Anyone can create a Scout plugin. Get started by:

  1. looking at the examples in this Repository
  2. reading the development guide at

When you have something working you'd like to share, drop us a note at

Or, send us a pull request here on github. Also don't hesitate to contact us before or during plugin development if you need guidance.

A note on tests

Plugin tests are key. Read up on plugin testing at

We prefer test/unit for its ubiquity and simplicity.

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