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A simple Android webbrowser based on webview.
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Important | Wichtig

This is the default startsite of "Foss Browser". You can set every bookmark as startsite by longpressing. You can also set an emty startpage via the menu in your bookmarklist. PLEASE READ ALSO THE HELP DIALOG FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS.

Dies ist die Startseite von "FOSS Browser". Jedes Lesezeichen kann durch langes drücken als Startseite gesetzt werden. Im Menü deiner Lesezeichenliste kannst du außerdem eine leere Startseite zu setzen. BITTE LIES AUCH DEN HILFE DIALOG FÜR WEITERE HINWEISE.

FOSS Browser

"FOSS Browser" is fully free/libre (as in freedom) Android app. The source code is public. The app also does not need any unnecessary permissions. It's a simple Android browser based on webview. The intention is to provide a simple and light weight but powerful browser with a nice looking user interface.

Get it on F-Droid



  • fully open source
  • no trackers
  • no unnecessary permissions
  • third party cookies disabled by default
  • enable/disable cookies, javascript, location access, history
  • save login data in separate, encrypted database
  • whitelist for javascript, cookies and AdBlocker
  • toggle image/third party content loading
  • do not track me
  • backup data
  • AdBlocker
  • delete data on exit (optional)


  • optimized for one hand handling (toolbar at bottom)
  • tab control (switch, open, close unlimited tabs)
  • full material design
  • fullscreen browsing (optional)
  • navigation button in fullscreen mode
  • fast toggle for most important settings
  • advanced gesture control for toolbar and navigation button

Some nice extra features:

  • small size
  • search on site
  • open links in background
  • Websearch (from marked text context menu)
  • screenshots of the whole website
  • share/save as PDF
  • open links in other apps (for example YouTube)
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