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@IssMneur IssMneur released this Sep 4, 2016 · 39 commits to master since this release


  • The bottom buttons should not disappear for no reason (though they will still disappear if your screen has too few pixels vertically)
  • Better utilize SDL when handling joysticks
  • Handle Haptic joysticks
  • Handles new FSO build varitions (AVX, 64bit, FastDbg)
  • Support both python 2.7 and >3.3 in the scripts
  • Refactor a large part of the scripts to make them easier to follow
  • Linux install desktop icon
  • Windows Updated to wxWidgets 3.1.0
  • Windows Release version built using VS2015
  • Various other tweaks

How to Install

  • Windows users can download the .exe installer from this post.
  • Debian Linux users can find wxLauncher as freespace2-launcher-wxlauncher on Wheezy and Jesse. Please be aware of the version that is packaged may be an older version that has bugs that are fixed in more recent versions.
  • Arch Linux users can find us as wxLauncher in the AUR. Please be aware of the version that is packaged may be an older version that has bugs that are fixed in more recent versions.
  • OS X users can download a .dmg disk image from this post. The debug .dmg is also available if you are having trouble.
  • wxLauncher can also be built from source using the .zip or .tar.gz from this post. See the ReadMe for the build instructions.

Known issues

  • If you have Diaspora (R1 Patch 4 and below), download this .zip file of updated launcher resources and unzip it into your Diaspora folder.
  • Launcher does not read your current command line, so you will have to re-setup your command line before you launch FSO with wxLauncher.
  • wxL currently does not properly handle cases where the default font/font size is unusually large. Some text may be cut off in such cases.
  • There is an issue with the Wings of Dawn mod image's alpha channel that causes it not to appear.
  • [Windows] wxLauncher does not display AA or AF controls because FSO on windows does not support the feature
  • [OS X] Right after you change profiles or select an FSO executable to use, the flag checkboxes on the Advanced Settings tab will not appear until you interact with the tab somehow, such as by clicking or scrolling on the list.
  • [OS X] The Activate and Info buttons don't always appear when you click on a mod. However, they are present and will work if you click on the space where they should be.
  • [OS X] On Lion, wxL's list of resolutions may include reasonable-sounding resolutions that do not appear in System Preferences >> Displays (such as 640x480), as well as unusual/odd resolutions, such as 840x524
  • [OS X] With a debug build, you get a wxWidgets Debug Alert that says among other things
    can't set default encoding to wxFONTENCODING_DEFAULT
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