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head fork: scpike/sunspot
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Commits on Dec 01, 2011
@mrcsparker mrcsparker Fix the "Permission denied - /var/solr" error I was getting when running
tests.  I don't allow access to /var to just anyone.
@mrcsparker mrcsparker Updates to sunspot_solr to use the newer solr 3.5 server rather than
the 1.4 server.
Commits on Dec 04, 2011
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'mrcsparker-master' f8415f4
@alindeman alindeman Changelog b9b24f1
Peer Allan Updates indexing to use batch processing with a config variable 4006642
@alindeman alindeman Changelog 162c90b
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'pallan-batch' f5bd456
@alindeman alindeman Fixes test error under 1.8.7 because Hash order is not necessarily kept 086b49c
Commits on Dec 05, 2011
@mgornick mgornick changed stderr to stdout since skipping the progress bar should not b…
…e reported as an error
@alindeman alindeman Changelog 8b2e59a
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'mgornick-master' 9f3c3f5
Commits on Dec 10, 2011
@Marchino Marchino fixed syntax of highlighted fields on dismax queries 5819c3c
@Marchino Marchino added spec to ensure no exceptions are rised when performing multiple…
… keywords query with highlights on different fields
@Marchino Marchino added some more tests within the new example a3f602e
@alindeman alindeman Changelog 3c7f72d
@alindeman alindeman Minor cleanups 9f97f8c
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'Marchino-fix_multi_dismax_queries_syntax_with_highlights' 4c4d6fa
Commits on Dec 15, 2011
@alindeman alindeman Basic implementation of field grouping fed678e
@alindeman alindeman Extracts #hits and related methods to a module, so that grouping can …
…reuse the functionality
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'field_grouping' 6e7d2a6
@alindeman alindeman Changelog c1b3eae
@brupm brupm Implementing Spatial search according to new solr field definitions. …
…Based on patch by ericxtang.
@brupm brupm util.rb creates a Coordinates struct with constants named lat and lng. fe3c2eb
@brupm brupm Very basic spec to test spatial search. a64d587
@alindeman alindeman Minor code cleanups 5ab6a0e
@alindeman alindeman Adds documentation (with some warnings and TODOs) 7fb7400
@alindeman alindeman Fixes tests 03a1a28
@alindeman alindeman Reworks geofilt DSL to use with(:coordinates).in_radius 295ad25
@alindeman alindeman Adds ability to sort by geodist cf3d7ff
@alindeman alindeman Additional docs 709a7d9
@alindeman alindeman Changelog ab51bde
@alindeman alindeman Adds an integration spec 44849df
@alindeman alindeman Merge branch 'spatial' ea71167
@alindeman alindeman Corrects syntax highlighting 69b7043
@raphaelcm raphaelcm Add support for additional grouping request parameters. 149db25
Commits on Dec 16, 2011
@nz nz Been vimming a lot lately. 4cafad2
@nz nz Shipit! fc774d0
@alindeman alindeman [Closes #142] Adds support for filtering by bounding box 5c7aa94
@alindeman alindeman Adds a search by radius via bbox 20a7640
Commits on Dec 21, 2011
@alindeman alindeman Merge pull request #146 from alindeman/raphaelcm-field_grouping
Add support for additional grouping request parameters.
Commits on Dec 22, 2011
@alindeman alindeman [Fixes #150, #147] Properly detects Java JRE on Windows 33e21b7
Commits on Mar 27, 2012
@scpike Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/coreteam/master' 489806a
@jobscomsg jobscomsg Add specs to test spellcheck feature; Modify solrconfig.xml to add sp…
…ellcheck components to standard and dismax handlers


@scpike Handle spellcheck.collation=false when construction spellcheck sugges…

When spellcheck.collation is false in queries, the solr response will not contain
[ collate, str ] at the end of the solr_spellcheck['suggestions'] array. This means
we can't hardcode 4 as the right buffer of the array.