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Don't define STOLEN_X86_REGS in Cmm.h

We weren't defining it in the other places that MachRegs.h gets
imported, which seems a little suspicious. And if it's not defined
then it defaults to 4 anyway, so this define doesn't seem necessary.
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1 parent 190c555 commit 6997bb5ec1b1e755d954e910d76322ad1963f94b @igfoo igfoo committed Aug 6, 2012
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@@ -346,7 +346,6 @@
* Need MachRegs, because some of the RTS code is conditionally
* compiled based on REG_R1, REG_R2, etc.
-#define STOLEN_X86_REGS 4
#include "stg/MachRegs.h"
#include "rts/storage/Liveness.h"

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