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Commits on Nov 13, 2009
  1. Use eta-expansion to ensure that INLINE things have their expected arity authored
    See Note [Eta-expanding INLINE things] in DsBinds
    This is to fix a performance bug that Roman was encountering.
  2. @simonmar

    The rest of the #1185 patch (forkProcess and -threaded)

    simonmar authored
    Due to darcs confusion, I managed to leave out part of the patch for
    #1185.  This should make 1185(threaded1) go through now.
  3. Make the new ClassOp/DFun selection mechanism work for single-method … authored
    I'd forgotten the case of single-method classes! I've also improved
    the documentation. See
      Note [ClassOp/DFun selection]
      Note [Single-method classes]
    both in TcInstDcls
Commits on Nov 12, 2009
  1. @simonmar

    Switch EventThreadID back to 32 bits.

    simonmar authored
    The log file format was still using 32 bits, this just updates the
    header file to match; there should be no functional changes.
  2. Comments only authored
  3. Remove old, redundant note authored
  4. @simonmar

    Fix bug when the combined package DB has duplicate package IDs

    simonmar authored
    Someone on IRC reported that they were encountering a strange missing
    module error from GHC, and it turned out that they had mtl-
    installed in both the global and local DB, with the same
    InstalledPackageId.  The two packages should be interchangeable, but
    we were forgetting to eliminate duplicates in part of the
    package-processing phase in GHC.
    Really I should switch this code over to use the new PackageIndex data
    type in Cabal, which ought to make things simpler.
  5. @simonmar

    HC bootstrapping fix: add -I$(GHC_INCLUDE_DIR) to SRC_CC_OPTS

    simonmar authored
    And add a comment explaining why these options are here
  6. @simonmar
  7. A radical overhaul of the coercion infrastucture authored
    * Core Lint now does full checking of kinds and coercion terms
      which picks up kind errors in coercions that were previously
      simply not checked for
    * Coercion.lhs now provides optCoercion which optimises coercion
      terms.  It implements all of Dimitrios's rules
    * The constructors for coercion terms now make no attempt to be
      "smart"; instead we rely solely on the coercion optimiser
    * CoercionTyCons in TyCon.lhs always had a "custom" kinding rule
      (the coKindFun field of CoercionTyCon) but its type was not 
      clever enough to do both 
         (a) *figure out the result kind*, assuming the whole thing
             is well-kinded in the first place
         (b) *check* the kinds of everything, failing gracefully if
             they aren't right. 
      We need (b) for the new CoreLint stuff. The field now has type
      which does the job nicely.
  8. Improve warning message authored
  9. Add an ID monad to MonadUtils (used in kind checking) authored
Commits on Nov 11, 2009
  1. @simonmar

    Second attempt to fix #1185 (forkProcess and -threaded)

    simonmar authored
    Patch 1/2: second part of the patch is to libraries/base
    This time without dynamic linker hacks, instead I've expanded the
    existing rts/Globals.c to cache more CAFs, specifically those in
    GHC.Conc.  We were already using this trick for signal handlers, I
    should have realised before.
    It's still quite unsavoury, but we can do away with rts/Globals.c in
    the future when we switch to a dynamically-linked GHCi.
  2. @igfoo
  3. @simonmar
  4. @simonmar

    Support for DragonFly BSD

    simonmar authored
    Patches from Goetz Isenmann <>, slightly updated
    for HEAD (the method for configuring platforms in has
  5. @simonmar

    The RTS needs hs-suffix-rules-srcdir for BootingFromHc

    simonmar authored
    Patch submitted by Matthias Kilian <>,
    re-recorded against HEAD by me, with a comment added.
  6. No CoreLint warnings if -dno-debug-output is on authored
    The Core Lint warnings are new.  There's only one at the moment,
    namely one to identify recursive INLINE things:
        [RHS of $c>>_als :: forall s_afT a_alJ b_alK.
                            Cpr001_imp.StateTrans s_afT a_alJ
                            -> Cpr001_imp.StateTrans s_afT b_alK
                            -> Cpr001_imp.StateTrans s_afT b_alK]
        INLINE binder is loop breaker: $c>>_als
    This is definitely non-fatal, and typically gets unravelled after
    another simplifier run anyway.  So I'm suppressing such warnings
    for the testsuite, when -dno-debug-output is on.
Commits on Nov 10, 2009
  1. @igfoo

    Use relative paths for haddockHTMLs in the inplace package.conf

    igfoo authored
    This means that the docs get built with the correct relative paths.
    When installing, the absolute path will still be used.
  2. Wibbles to the inline-in-InlineRule stuff authored
    The main change is using SimplUtils.updModeForInlineRules
    doesn't overwrite the current setting, it just augments it.
  3. Don't inline a loop breaker, even if it has an INLINE pragma authored
    We preserve the InlineRule on loop breakers, in the hope that they'll
    stop being a loop breaker later.  So don't inline them!
  4. Comments only authored
  5. Implement the PushC rule when optimising casts authored
  6. Preserve strictness when floating coercions authored
    See Note [Preserve strictness when floating coercions]
  7. Make -dverbose-core2core set verbosity = 2 authored
    This ensures that messages coming out with -dshow-passes 
    also come out with -dverbose-core2core
  8. Comments only authored
Commits on Nov 9, 2009
  1. @simonmar

    Don't try to rebuild compiler/primop-*.hs-incl when BootingFromHc

    simonmar authored
    Patch submitted by Matthias Kilian <>
Commits on Nov 8, 2009
  1. @igfoo

    Put docs into versioned directory names; fixes trac #3532

    igfoo authored
    You can now have multiple versions of a package installed, and
    gen_contents_index will do the right thing.
Commits on Nov 5, 2009
  1. Loop problems in native back ends, update to T3286 fix authored
    The native back ends had difficulties with loops;
    in particular the code for branch-chain elimination
    could run in infinite loops or drop basic blocks.
    The old codeGen didn't expose these problems.
    Also, my fix for T3286 in the new codegen was getting
    applied to too many (some wrong) cases; a better pattern
    match fixed that.
Commits on Sep 18, 2009
  1. Morguing dead code authored
  2. More sensible use of -fnew-codegen and less debugging output authored
  3. Minor refactoring and formatting authored
    Wrote a generic function to extend dataflow results for safe foreign calls.
    Should be able to throw it away when we change the representation of safe foreign calls.
  4. Keep Touch'd variables live through the back end authored
    When we used derived pointers into the middle of an object,
    we need to keep the pointer to the start of the object live.
    We use a "fat machine instruction" with the primitive MO_Touch
    to propagate this information through the back end.
  5. Fixed calling convention for unboxed tuples authored
    Apparently, the arguments should be sorted by pointerhood.
    While we're at it, I rewrote the code that assigns registers
    and stack space to function call and return parameters.
  6. Fix for T3286 in new codegen (related to T3132); plus formatting authored
    If the scrutinee is bottom, the generated Cmm code could have a
    type error when the case arm expected an unboxed floating-point
    value (even though the arm should never be reached).
    Now, we detect this case and avoid producing the type-incorrect
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