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Commits on Sep 19, 2008
  1. @igfoo
  2. @igfoo

    Add HpcParser.hs to source dists

    igfoo authored
  3. @igfoo
  4. Improve documentation of overlapping instances authored
Commits on Sep 18, 2008
  1. @igfoo

    Put generated files in source dists

    igfoo authored
    We don't want to require that users building source dists have alex/happy
  2. @igfoo
  3. Fix a couple of issues with :print

    pepe authored
          - Ticket #1995: Unsoundness with newtypes
          - Ticket #2475: "Can't unify" error when stopped at an exception
          In addition this patch adds the following:
          - Unfailingness: RTTI cannot panic anymore. 
            In case of failure, it recovers gracefully by returning the "I know nothing" type
          - A -ddump-rtti flag
  4. @Chaddai

    RichTokenStream support

    Chaddai authored
    This patch adds support for raw token streams, that contain more
    information than normal token streams (they contains comments at
    least). The "lexTokenStream" function brings this support to the
    Lexer module. In addition to that, functions have been added to
    the GHC module to make easier to recover of the token stream of 
    a module ("getTokenStream").
    Building on that, I added what could be called "rich token
    stream": token stream to which have been added the source string
    corresponding to each token, the function addSourceToToken takes
    a StringBuffer and a starting SrcLoc and a token stream and build
    this rich token stream. getRichTokenStream is a convenience
    function to get a module rich token stream. "showRichTokenStream"
    use the SrcLoc information in such a token stream to get a string
    similar to the original source (except unsignificant
    whitespaces). Thus "putStrLn . showRichTokenStream =<<
    getRichTokenStream s mod" should print a valid module source, the
    interesting part being to modify the token stream between the get
    and the show of course.
  5. @igfoo
  6. @igfoo
  7. @igfoo

    Be more forceful when cleaning in compiler/ and ghc/

    igfoo authored
    Now that the Cabal file is generated by configure, it would be nice
    if clean worked even if the cabal file is missing. So now we just rm -rf
    the dist directory.
  8. @igfoo

    Generate ghc.cabal and ghc-bin.cabal with configure

    igfoo authored
    This allows us to put the proper version number into them
  9. @igfoo
  10. Fix Trac #1470: improve handling of recursive instances (needed for S… authored
    This bug has been hanging around for a long time, as you'll see by its
    number. The fix implements a feature that is really needed by SYB3, to
    allow an instance to (rather indirectly) refer to itself.  The trickiness
    comes when solving the superclass constraints.
    The whoel issue is explained in Note [Recursive instances and superclases]
    in TcSimplify.
    In cracking this one I found I could remove the WantSCs argument to the
    ReduceMe flag, which is a worthwhile simplification.  Good!
  11. Comments only authored
  12. Replace ASSERT with WARN, and explain why authored
    The DPH library tripped an ASSERT.  The code is actually OK, but it's
    badly-optimised so I changed it to WARN.  The issue here is explained
    in ClosureInfo, Note [Unsafe coerce complications].
  13. Add a missing "prime" (env' --> env'') thereby fixing a tripping WARN… authored
    …. Hurrah!
  14. @simonmar
  15. @simonmar

    require Alex version 2.1.0

    simonmar authored
    Having 2.0.1 causes some unicode tests to fail
  16. @mchakravarty
  17. @catamorphism

    ext-core library: Parser fixes; make it build with the HEAD

    catamorphism authored
    In the ext-core parser I guess I never tested:
    * existential type variable bindings in case alts
    * empty data declarations
    That'll learn me!
Commits on Sep 17, 2008
  1. Fix nasty infelicity: do not short-cut empty substitution in the simp… authored
    I was perplexed about why an arity-related WARN was tripping. It took 
    me _day_ (sigh) to find that it was because SimplEnv.substExpr was taking
    a short cut when the substitution was empty, thereby not subsituting for
    Ids in scope, which must be done (CoreSubst Note [Extending the Subst]).
    The fix is a matter of deleting the "optimisation".  Same with
    CoreSubst.substSpec, although I don't know if that actually caused a
  2. Avoid arity reduction when doing eta-reduce authored
    We like things with high arity, so when doing eta reduction
    it's probably a good idea to avoid reducing arity.
  3. Add extra WARN test authored
    This warning tests that the arity of a function does not decrease.
    And that it's at least as great as the strictness signature.
    Failing this test isn't a disater, but it's distinctly odd and 
    usually indicates that not enough information is getting propagated
    around, and hence you may get more simplifier iterations.
  4. Comments only authored
  5. Re-adjust interaction between -ddump flags and force-recompilation authored
    If you say -ddump-xx we effectively add -fforce-recomp, so that you
    see your dump output.  But this works badly in --make mode, because
    you get the ddump output for every module, which is probably not what
    you want.  This patch forces recompilation with -ddump-X only in one-shot
    Of course, this only affects people using -ddump options.
  6. Add Outputable GhcMode instance authored
  7. Improve error reporting for 'deriving' (Trac #2604) authored
  8. @igfoo
  9. @igfoo

    ghc-pkg needs to make package.conf with sensible permissions

    igfoo authored
    It was calling openTempFile which uses a 600 permissions mask.
  10. @nominolo

    Change 'loadWithCompiler' callback argument to just print warnings.

    nominolo authored
    Rename function accordingly.
    The callback wasn't very flexible to begin with.  There's pretty much
    no way around to calling 'compile' inside that callback since
    'upsweep' depends on certain side effects of compile.  It therefore
    makes more sense to restrict the callback to its intended use only,
    namely to log warnings and errors.
  11. @simonmar
  12. @mchakravarty
Commits on Sep 16, 2008
  1. Add link to GADT paper re rigid types authored
Commits on Apr 18, 2008
  1. @pepeiborra


    pepeiborra authored
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