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Commits on Aug 6, 2012
  1. @simonmar

    Foreign calls may clobber caller-saves registers

    simonmar authored
    See Note [foreign calls clobber GlobalRegs]
  2. @simonmar
  3. @simonmar
  4. @simonmar

    finish a comment

    simonmar authored
Commits on Aug 5, 2012
  1. @igfoo
  2. @igfoo

    Whitespace only in UniqFM

    igfoo authored
  3. @igfoo

    More more ld-related settings into the settings file

    igfoo authored
    Related to #4862
  4. @igfoo
  5. @igfoo
  6. @igfoo

    Remove pprDefiniteTrace

    igfoo authored
    All uses of it are now in an IO Monad, so we don't need to use
    a trace-like function.
  7. @igfoo

    Rename trace_dump to dump

    igfoo authored
    It's no longer a trace-like function.
  8. @igfoo
  9. @igfoo

    Build fix

    igfoo authored
  10. @igfoo
  11. @igfoo

    Move linker flags into the settings file; fixes #4862

    igfoo authored
    They were getting baked into Config.hs before.
  12. @igfoo
  13. @pcapriotti
  14. @igfoo
  15. @igfoo
  16. @igfoo
  17. @igfoo
  18. @igfoo
  19. @igfoo
Commits on Aug 3, 2012
  1. @pcapriotti
Commits on Aug 2, 2012
  1. @simonmar

    comments and refactoring

    simonmar authored
  2. @simonmar

    FloutOut.wrapTick: don't forget to tick the args of a constructor app

    simonmar authored
    Thanks to Peter Wortmann for pointing out this bug.
  3. @simonmar
  4. @simonmar

    comment wibble

    simonmar authored
  5. @simonmar

    fix a bug in the inliner

    simonmar authored
  6. @simonmar

    Eliminate "r = r" assignments.

    simonmar authored
    Previously these were caught by removeDeadAssignments, but we aren't
    doing that now.
  7. @simonmar
  8. @simonmar

    Disable the mini-inliner when using the new codegen

    simonmar authored
    The new sinker is at least as powerful, and the mini-inliner sometimes
    even makes things worse.
  9. @simonmar

    Improve accuracy of memory conflict tracking

    simonmar authored
    We now track stack regions, so that we can float a stack load past a
    stack store if they don't conflict.  Also, we now use the CmmType to
    more accurately identify heap addresses.
  10. @simonmar

    Inline into the last node

    simonmar authored
    Also lots of refactoring and tidyup
  11. @simonmar

    Code reformatting

    simonmar authored
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