A standard XML-based file format for exchanging paper article prices and technical properties.
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Paper-Pricelist is a XML-based file format for exchanging paper article prices and technical properties. The standard consists of a schema file (.XSD), a documentation in Excel (.XLSX) and a sample file (.XML).

What can it be used for?

Print paper suppliers that distribute their articles in this format will allow for printers to automatically import these price list into their business application.

Where can I download the latest version?

You can download the latest release package or use the the following links to download individual files:

Is there any sample of how a paper pricelist looks like?

Sure, there is a simple sample showing the basic structure here:


These standard documents were initially created within organization KEPA but was later moved to GitHub. The standard solves problems with previous ASCII file formats that were not possible to validate for correctness.


Date Comment
2016-03-08 Version 2.0.0 of paper-pricelist released.


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this standard, please feel free to submit an issue or contact one of the contributors listed below.


The following companies have contributed to the standard documents.

Company Website Contact person
Antalis AB http://www.antalis.se Peter Argården
Berg-Andersen AS http://berg-andersen.no Eiliv Hagen
Igepa Berg-Andersen AB http://www.igepa.se Lars Arvidson
Papyrus AB http://www.papyrus.se Martin Åström
Simutek AB http://www.simutek.se Michael Bergman