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Contributing to How Many Days Until Halloween

About this project

We value and encourage the community to provide feedback on how we can make our Halloween site more aesthetically pleasing.

The project is a simple website that includes interesting information about the Halloween fest. It uses front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.

We use the GitHub issue tracker to track our issues. One can see the progress made on a particular issue and the discussion on any issues.

How does it work?

It's simple: All you need to do is visit our page and it will do the counting for you!

We hope your Halloween is fun and spooky. Eat, drink and be scary! 🎃 👻

How do I start contributing?

If you want to contribute code, we suggest you to fork the repository first, select an issue, make your changes and submit a pull request for that issue. You can suggest new features, fix an existing functionality for performance or readability, work on open issues etc. This project is meant to be first-timer friendly, but more complex additions as welcome as well. Just keep it straightforward (no databases, dependencies, etc)

Well before you can contribute you need to set up git on your PC, fork and clone this repository and a lot more of groundwork. Follow this video to get started. Once everything is setup, you can go to the issues tab and select one that interests you. After fixing it, you can submit a Pull Request. Make sure that you browse through other videos on that site to understand how to go about this.

Key areas of code contributions include:

When working on an issue, see if the update/fix already has a pending pull request. New pull requests are always welcome, however, duplicate pull requests will not be merged. You can always add new commits to the existing pull request before it is merged. It will get automatically updated.

When creating a pull request, if it applies, close or link to the issue it resolves in your comments. See GitHubs documentation on how to do this.

For more details or a step by step guide on contributing, visit

Make sure you are registered for the HacktoberFest before you start!

Also, if you want to run the site locally and take a look at your changes, just open index.html with a browser.

Links to resources

To get you started, some of the following links can be useful:

Quick links

Text editors