Simple webpage that answers the questions "Is it payday?" using Javascript
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Is it payday?

I'm a little obsessed with creating simple applications in Javascript. In wanting to pratice using Javascript in functional ways, I created this webpage which answers the question of "Is it payday?".

But wait...

This website is purposely (for now) simple. Payday is assumed to be twice a month, on the 15th and 30th.


While I don't expect any contributes, they are more then welcome! If you see a typo or just have a code suggestion, fork it, commmit, create a pull request and I'll get it added in.

Parking lot (possible enhancements)

  • [] Input for defining pay dates / pay schedule
  • [] Conditional statement for if payday falls on a weekend or bank holday
  • [] Conditional for if a month has less than 31 days
  • Output today's date
  • [] Output when the next pay day is or how many days away it is
  • [] Error messages. Cannot find date, invalid date format, etc
  • [] Gifs!