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Camel-CXF Proxy examples that deploys in ServiceMix 4
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This projects contains a set of OSGi bundles that demonstrate web services in ServiceMix using CXF and Camel.

The following patterns are shown:

  • generating Java objects from a WSDL using the cxf-codegen-plugin wsdl2java command
  • a Camel route that dynamically acts as a web service implementation
  • a Camel route that invokes a SOAP web service
  • a Camel route that acts as a web service proxy, taking requests and passing them to another web service

Project layout

The Maven projects contained within are as follows:

  • greeter-api - Contains a WSDL file from which Java objects are generated at build time.
  • ws-camel-service - Contains a bundle with a Camel CXF endpoint that picks up all requests from a web service and dynamically responds. No concrete implementation ins necessary here.
  • ws-camel-proxy - Contains a bundle with a Camel route that proxies requests from the bundle's CXF endpoint to a remote instance of the service.
  • ws-camel-client - Contains a Camel route that sends request on a round-robin basis between the services from the bundles above.

All of the above ws- bundles are based on Spring DM.


Set up ServiceMix by downloading the latest (4.4.1-fuse-02-05 or above) version from FuseSource. The installation guide can be reached from the Documentation tab on that page.

Ensure that Maven is set up on your system.


Download this project and run

smx-ws-examples> mvn clean install

Start up ServiceMix

$SERVICEMIX_HOME> bin/servicemix console 

 ____                  _          __  __ _      
/ ___|  ___ _ ____   _(_) ___ ___|  \/  (_)_  __
\___ \ / _ \ '__\ \ / / |/ __/ _ \ |\/| | \ \/ /
 ___) |  __/ |   \ V /| | (_|  __/ |  | | |>  < 
|____/ \___|_|    \_/ |_|\___\___|_|  |_|_/_/\_\

  Apache ServiceMix (4.4.1-fuse-02-05)

Hit '<tab>' for a list of available commands
and '[cmd] --help' for help on a specific command.

Install the smx-ws-examples features file. This gets pulled out from your local Maven repository, and defines which bundles you mean to install for the example project.

karaf@root> features:addurl mvn:com.fusesource.examples/ws-features/1.0-SNAPSHOT/xml/features

Install all of the necessary OSGi bundles by installing the smx-ws-examples feature

karaf@root> features:install smx-ws-examples
karaf@root> list | grep Examples
[ 225] [Active     ] [            ] [Started] [   60] ServiceMix Web Service Examples :: greeter-api (1.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
[ 226] [Active     ] [            ] [Started] [   60] ServiceMix Web Service Examples :: ws-camel-service (1.0.0.SNAPSHOT)
[ 227] [Active     ] [            ] [Started] [   60] ServiceMix Web Service Examples :: ws-camel-proxy (1.0.0.SNAPSHOT)

Tail the logs and you should see the CXF invocations ticking over.

karaf@root> log:tail

You can also verify that the web services are available by accessing the following from your browser:

  • ws-camel-service - http://localhost:9090/greeter?wsdl
  • ws-camel-proxy - http://localhost:9091/greeterProxy?wsdl


To start the test client. Note: the test client will alternate between calling the service and the proxy.

smx-ws-examples/ws-camel-client> mvn install camel:run
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