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from plugins.plugin import SarlaccPlugin
class Plugin(SarlaccPlugin):
def run(self):"This is an example plugin")
async def new_attachment(self, _id, sha256, content, filename, tags):"Plugin alerting to new attachment with sha256: %s", sha256)
# Example usage of the storage API
attachment = await
# attachment = {
# tags[]: a list of tag strings attached to this attachment,
# sha256: the sha256 hash of this attachment,
# content: the raw file,
# filename: the filename,
# _id: the id of the attachment's postgresql record
# }
async def new_email_address(self, _id, email_address):"Plugin alerting to new email address: %s", email_address)
async def new_mail_item(self, _id, subject, recipients, from_address, body, date_sent, attachments):"Plugin alerting to new mail item with subject: %s", subject)