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ScraperWiki (now The Sensible Code Company)

This organisation contains lots of our older, archived projects. These are unsupported. Current code at

Popular repositories

  1. dumptruck Public archive

    Painlessly move data in and out of a SQLite database.

    Python 43 12

  2. Just like on ScraperWiki Classic; now a part of QuickCode.

    JavaScript 39 8

  3. google-search-python Public archive

    Use the Google Custom Search API from Python.

    Python 36 14

  4. pdf2svg Public archive

    Shell 28 8

  5. scraperwiki-ruby Public archive

    ScraperWiki Ruby library for scraping and saving data

    Ruby 11 8

  6. zoopla Public archive

    Zoopla API bindings for Python

    Python 11 11



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