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aidanhs: ah tlevine, I need a change to dumptruck
10:15 a.m.
dragon: I've sent an email, but no reply yet.
10:15 a.m.
aidanhs: let me see if I can figure out a pull request on github
10:16 a.m.
tlevine: hah aidanhs we can also test cgi scripts with something like
10:17 a.m.
tlevine: os.environ['QUERY_STRING']='q=SELECT+foo+FROM+baz'
10:17 a.m.
aidanhs: oh cool, that's handy
10:17 a.m.
tlevine: i can't stand pull requests on github
10:20 a.m.
aidanhs: awww, I guess you could just copy+paste it to your local repo and commit it then
10:21 a.m.
aidanhs: I had a brief poke around the tmux session, but I couldn't find a local dumptruck repo
10:27 a.m.
tlevine: i could just add your ssh key
10:27 a.m.
tlevine: oh now i see it
10:28 a.m.
tlevine: why don't you just use self.connection.set_authorizer(authorizer_callback)?
10:32 a.m.
aidanhs: ...that's on line 110?
10:32 a.m.
aidanhs: I don't quite understand the question
10:33 a.m.
aidanhs: oooh, you're saying I should directly edit the dumptruck properties
10:33 a.m.
aidanhs: and not bother adding a function to dumptruck
10:34 a.m.
aidanhs: ok yeah, that's a better way
10:18:13 <aidanhs> (quirks listed at
10:26:31 <dragon> tlevine: a few gotcha's for dumptruck...
10:26:44 <dragon> The error if you're reading to a db that doesn't exist is very misleading
10:27:12 <dragon> also, why is getting a cursor .cursor as opposed to .cursor() like sqlite3?
10:29:16 <dragon> aidanhs: cheers :)
10:30:04 <tlevine> dragon, it's .cursor because it's the cursor that is currently in use
10:30:11 <tlevine> you can get the other with .connection.cursor()
10:30:20 <tlevine> let's add this and all of your other questions about dumptruck to the docs
10:34:08 <tlevine> ehg zarino drj11 let's have a flashy web thing to change your default editor
10:37:18 <tlevine> In [3]: dt=dumptruck.DumpTruck()
10:37:18 <tlevine>
10:37:18 <tlevine> In [4]: dt.
10:37:18 <tlevine> dt.auto_commit dt.commit dt.create_index dt.cursor dt.dump dt.get_var dt.save_var
10:37:18 <tlevine> dt.close dt.connection dt.create_table dt.drop dt.execute dt.insert dt.tables
10:37:18 <tlevine>
10:37:18 <tlevine> In [4]: dt.connection.c
10:37:18 <tlevine> dt.connection.close dt.connection.create_aggregate dt.connection.create_function
10:37:18 <tlevine> dt.connection.commit dt.connection.create_collation dt.connection.cursor
10:37:18 <tlevine>
10:37:18 <tlevine> In [4]: dt.connection.cursor()
10:37:18 <tlevine> Out[4]: <sqlite3.Cursor at 0x16ebdc0>
10:37:18 <tlevine>
10:37:18 <tlevine> In [5]: dt.connection.cursor()
10:37:18 <tlevine> Out[5]: <sqlite3.Cursor at 0x16ebea0>
10:37:18 <tlevine>
10:37:18 <tlevine> In [6]: dt.connection.cursor()
10:37:18 <tlevine> Out[6]: <sqlite3.Cursor at 0x16ebf10>
10:37:18 <tlevine>
10:37:18 <tlevine> In [7]: dt.connection.cursor()
10:37:18 <tlevine> Out[7]: <sqlite3.Cursor at 0x16ebf80>
10:37:18 <tlevine>
10:37:18 <tlevine> In [8]: dt.connection.cursor()
10:37:18 <tlevine> Out[8]: <sqlite3.Cursor at 0x16ebe30>
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