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Analyze scraped data
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pip install arche

Arche (pronounced Arkey) helps to verify scraped data using set of defined rules, for example:

  • Validation with JSON schema
  • Coverage (items, fields, categorical data, including booleans and enums)
  • Duplicates
  • Garbage symbols
  • Comparison of two jobs

We use it in Scrapinghub, among the other tools, to ensure quality of scraped data


Arche requires Jupyter environment, supporting both JupyterLab and Notebook UI

For JupyterLab, you will need to properly install plotly extensions

Then just pip install arche


To check the quality of scraped data continuously. For example, if you scraped a website, a typical approach would be to validate the data with Arche. You can also create a schema and then set up Spidermon

Developer Setup

pipenv install --dev
pipenv shell


Any contributions are welcome! See if you want to take on something or suggest an improvement/report a bug.

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