Visual scraping for Scrapy
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Portia is a tool that allows you to visually scrape websites without any programming knowledge required. With Portia you can annotate a web page to identify the data you wish to extract, and Portia will understand based on these annotations how to scrape data from similar pages.

Try it out

To try Portia for free without needing to install anything sign up for an account at Scrapinghub and you can use our hosted version.

Running Portia

The easiest way to run Portia is using Docker:

You can run Portia using Docker & official Portia-image by running:

docker run -v ~/portia_projects:/app/data/projects:rw -p 9001:9001 scrapinghub/portia

You can also set up a local instance with Docker-compose by cloning this repo & running from the root of the folder:

docker-compose up

For more detailed instructions, and alternatives to using Docker, see the Installation docs.


Documentation can be found from Read the docs. Source files can be found in the docs directory.