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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import json
import os
import threading
from scrapinghub.hubstorage.serialization import jsondefault
from scrapinghub.hubstorage.utils import millitime
def _not_configured(*args, **kwargs):
raise RuntimeError("Pipe writer is misconfigured, named pipe path is not set")
class _PipeWriter(object):
"""Writer for the Scrapinghub named pipe.
It's not safe to instantiate and use multiple writers, only one writer
should be instantiated and used, otherwise data may be corrupted.
The object is thread safe.
:ivar path: Named pipe path
def __init__(self, path):
self.path = path or ''
self._lock = threading.Lock()
self._pipe = None
if not self.path:
self._write = _not_configured = _not_configured
self.close = _not_configured
def open(self):
with self._lock:
self._pipe = open(self.path, 'wb')
def _write(self, command, payload):
# binary command
command = command.encode('utf-8')
# binary payload
encoded_payload = json.dumps(
separators=(',', ':'),
# write needs to be locked because write can be called from multiple threads
with self._lock:
self._pipe.write(b' ')
def write_log(self, level, message):
log = {
'time': millitime(),
'level': level,
'message': message
self._write('LOG', log)
def write_request(self, url, status, method, rs, duration, parent, fp):
request = {
'url': url,
'status': int(status),
'method': method,
'rs': int(rs),
'duration': int(duration),
'parent': parent,
'time': millitime(),
'fp': fp,
self._write('REQ', request)
def write_item(self, item):
self._write('ITM', item)
def write_stats(self, stats):
self._write('STA', {'time': millitime(), 'stats': stats})
def set_outcome(self, outcome):
self._write('FIN', {'outcome': outcome})
def close(self):
with self._lock:
pipe_writer = _PipeWriter(os.environ.get('SHUB_FIFO_PATH', ''))