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# Example HAProxy 1.5 config for Splash.
# raise it if necessary
maxconn 256
# required for stats page
stats socket /tmp/haproxy
log global
mode http
# remove requests from a queue when clients disconnect;
# see
option abortonclose
# increase these values if you want to
# allow long request queues in HAProxy
timeout connect 10m
timeout client 10m
timeout server 10m
# visit to see HAProxy stats page
listen stats :8036
mode http
stats enable
stats hide-version
stats uri /
stats refresh 5s
stats realm Haproxy\ Statistics
# enable auth if necessary
# stats auth admin1:AdMiN123
# stats auth admin2:AdMiN321
# Splash Cluster configuration
frontend http-in
bind *:8050
default_backend splash-cluster
backend splash-cluster
option httpchk GET /
balance leastconn
# Add/remove servers below:
server splash1 check maxconn 5 fall 15
server splash2 check maxconn 5 fall 15
server splash-docker1 check maxconn 5 fall 15
server splash-docker2 check maxconn 5 fall 15