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Scrapy Streaming (WIP)

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The Scrapy Streaming provides an interface to write spiders using any programming language, using json objects to make requests, parse web contents, get data, and more.

Also, we officially provide helper libraries to develop your spiders using Java, JS, and R.


You can read a quick tutorial about scrapy-streaming at


You can execute an external spider using the streaming command, as follows:

scrapy streaming /path/of/executable

and if you need to use extra arguments, add them using the -a parameter:

scrapy streaming my_executable -a arg1 -a arg2 -a arg3,arg4

If you want to integrate this spider with a scrapy's project, define it in the external.json file in the root of the project. For example, to add a spider developed in java, and a compiled one, the external.json can be defined as:

    "name": "java_spider",
    "command": "java",
    "args": ["/home/user/MySpider"]
    "name": "compiled_spider",
    "command": "/home/user/my_executable"

and then you can execute them using the crawl command. Inside the project directory, run:

scrapy crawl spider_name

in this example, spider_name can be java_spider, compiled_spider, or the name of a Scrapy's spider.


Documentation is available online at and in the docs directory. (Temp url, this doc is from the development fork)