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========================== Scrapy Integration Tests


Develop a testing framework that ease testing Scrapy crawling components in different networking scenarios. Scenarios include multiple hosts and different networking components like insane websites, proxies, routers and nameservers.

Detailed Description

The goal is to design and implement a reusable declarative testing framework for networking applications, with special focus on web crawling under Scrapy.

The framework should be able to provide a configuration for different networking scenarios with multiple hosts and networking components that includes DNS servers, web servers, HTTP proxies, routers and be able to inject errors at the Network layer (IP), Transport layer (TCP / UDP) and Application layer (HTTP).

I expect to develop a webserver to help verify client side throttling algorithms as implemented in Scrapy and used to prevent banning, this kind of tests are going to be performed taking in count multiples ips and domains resolving to the same host. At the end, the framework will be able to perform tests from vertical to horizontal crawling respecting websites crawling policies and handling timeouts, retries, name resolution failures, dropped or delayed packets.

In any case, the framework will left open to be used as a general purpose testing framework for networking applications of any types, including testing other HTTP clients not just Scrapy.