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Scrapy Telnet Console extension
See documentation in docs/topics/telnetconsole.rst
import pprint
from twisted.conch import manhole, telnet
from twisted.conch.insults import insults
from twisted.internet import protocol
from scrapy.xlib.pydispatch import dispatcher
from scrapy.exceptions import NotConfigured
from scrapy.stats import stats
from scrapy import log, signals
from scrapy.utils.signal import send_catch_log
from scrapy.utils.trackref import print_live_refs
from scrapy.utils.engine import print_engine_status
from scrapy.utils.reactor import listen_tcp
import guppy
hpy = guppy.hpy()
except ImportError:
hpy = None
# signal to update telnet variables
# args: telnet_vars
update_telnet_vars = object()
class TelnetConsole(protocol.ServerFactory):
def __init__(self, crawler):
if not crawler.settings.getbool('TELNETCONSOLE_ENABLED'):
raise NotConfigured
self.crawler = crawler
self.noisy = False
self.portrange = map(int, crawler.settings.getlist('TELNETCONSOLE_PORT')) = crawler.settings['TELNETCONSOLE_HOST']
dispatcher.connect(self.start_listening, signals.engine_started)
dispatcher.connect(self.stop_listening, signals.engine_stopped)
def from_crawler(cls, crawler):
return cls(crawler)
def start_listening(self):
self.port = listen_tcp(self.portrange,, self)
h = self.port.getHost()
log.msg("Telnet console listening on %s:%d" % (, h.port), log.DEBUG)
def stop_listening(self):
def protocol(self):
telnet_vars = self._get_telnet_vars()
return telnet.TelnetTransport(telnet.TelnetBootstrapProtocol,
insults.ServerProtocol, manhole.Manhole, telnet_vars)
def _get_telnet_vars(self):
# Note: if you add entries here also update topics/telnetconsole.rst
slots = self.crawler.engine.slots
if len(slots) == 1:
spider, slot = slots.items()[0]
telnet_vars = {
'engine': self.crawler.engine,
'spider': spider,
'slot': slot,
'manager': self.crawler,
'extensions': self.crawler.extensions,
'stats': stats,
'spiders': self.crawler.spiders,
'settings': self.crawler.settings,
'est': lambda: print_engine_status(self.crawler.engine),
'p': pprint.pprint,
'prefs': print_live_refs,
'hpy': hpy,
'help': "This is Scrapy telnet console. For more info see: " \
send_catch_log(update_telnet_vars, telnet_vars=telnet_vars)
return telnet_vars
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