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Scheduler queues
import marshal, cPickle as pickle
from scrapy.utils import queue
def _serializable_queue(queue_class, serialize, deserialize):
class SerializableQueue(queue_class):
def push(self, obj):
s = serialize(obj)
super(SerializableQueue, self).push(s)
def pop(self):
s = super(SerializableQueue, self).pop()
if s:
return deserialize(s)
return SerializableQueue
def _pickle_serialize(obj):
return pickle.dumps(obj, protocol=2)
except pickle.PicklingError, e:
raise ValueError(str(e))
PickleFifoDiskQueue = _serializable_queue(queue.FifoDiskQueue, \
_pickle_serialize, pickle.loads)
PickleLifoDiskQueue = _serializable_queue(queue.LifoDiskQueue, \
_pickle_serialize, pickle.loads)
MarshalFifoDiskQueue = _serializable_queue(queue.FifoDiskQueue, \
marshal.dumps, marshal.loads)
MarshalLifoDiskQueue = _serializable_queue(queue.LifoDiskQueue, \
marshal.dumps, marshal.loads)
FifoMemoryQueue = queue.FifoMemoryQueue
LifoMemoryQueue = queue.LifoMemoryQueue
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