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= SEP-010: REST API =
||'''Title:'''||REST API||
||'''Author:'''||Pablo Hoffman||
||'''Status'''||Obsolete (JSON-RPC API implemented instead)||
== Introduction ==
This SEP proposes a JSON REST API for controlling Scrapy in server-mode, which is launched with: {{{ start}}}
== Operations ==
=== Get list of available spiders ===
GET /spiders/all
=== Get list of closed spiders ===
GET /spiders/closed
=== Get list of scheduled spiders ===
GET /spiders/scheduled
* note: contains closed
=== Get list of running spiders ===
GET /spiders/opened
* returns list of dicts containing spider id and domain_name
=== Schedule spider ===
POST /spiders
* args:
=== Close spider ===
POST /spider/1238/close
=== Get global stats ===
GET /stats
* note: spider-specific not included
=== Get spider-specific stats ===
GET /spider/1238/stats/
=== Get engine status ===
GET /engine/status
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