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= SEP-017: Spider Contracts =
||'''Title:'''||Spider Contracts||
||'''Author:'''||Insophia Team||
== Introduction ==
The motivation for Spider Contracts is to build a lightweight mechanism for testing your spiders, and be able to run the tests quickly without having to wait for all the spider to run. It's partially based on the [ Design by contract] approach (hence its name) where you define certain conditions that spider callbacks must met, and you give example testing pages.
== How it works ==
In the docstring of your spider callbacks, you write certain tags that define the spider contract. For example, the URL of a sample page for that callback, and what you expect to scrape from it.
Then you can run a command to check that the spider contracts are met.
== Contract examples ==
=== Example URL for simple callback ===
The {{{parse_product}}} callback must return items containing the fields given in {{{@scrapes}}}.
class ProductSpider(BaseSpider):
def parse_product(self, response):
@scrapes name, price, description
=== Chained callbacks ===
The following spider contains two callbacks, one for login to a site, and the other for scraping user profile info.
The contracts assert that the first callback returns a Request and the second one scrape {{{{user, name, email}}} fields.
class UserProfileSpider(BaseSpider):
def parse_login_page(self, response):
# returns Request with callback=self.parse_profile_page
def parse_profile_page(self, response):
@after parse_login_page
@scrapes user, name, email
# ...
== Tags reference ==
Note that tags can also be extended by users, meaning that you can have your own custom contract tags in your Scrapy project.
||{{{@url}}} || url of a sample page parsed by the callback ||
||{{{@after}}} || the callback is called with the response generated by the specified callback ||
||{{{@scrapes}}} || list of fields that must be present in the item(s) scraped by the callback ||
||{{{@returns_request}}} || the callback must return one (and only one) Request ||
Some tag constraints:
* a callback cannot contain {{{@url}}} and {{{@after}}}
== Checking spider contracts ==
To check the contracts of a single spider:
{{{ check
Or to check all spiders:
{{{ check
No need to wait for the whole spider to run.
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