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Scrapy was brought to life by Shane Evans while hacking a scraping framework
prototype for Mydeco ( It soon became maintained, extended and
improved by Insophia (, with the initial sponsorship of Mydeco to
bootstrap the project. In mid-2011, Scrapinghub became the new official
Here is the list of the primary authors & contributors:
* Pablo Hoffman
* Daniel Graña
* Martin Olveyra
* Gabriel García
* Michael Cetrulo
* Artem Bogomyagkov
* Damian Canabal
* Andres Moreira
* Ismael Carnales
* Matías Aguirre
* German Hoffmann
* Anibal Pacheco
* Bruno Deferrari
* Shane Evans
* Ezequiel Rivero
* Patrick Mezard
* Rolando Espinoza
* Ping Yin
* Lucian Ursu
* Shuaib Khan
* Didier Deshommes
* Vikas Dhiman
* Jochen Maes
* Darian Moody
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