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This package contains a collection of Link Extractors.
For more info see docs/topics/link-extractors.rst
import re
from six.moves.urllib.parse import urlparse
from parsel.csstranslator import HTMLTranslator
from w3lib.url import canonicalize_url
from scrapy.utils.misc import arg_to_iter
from scrapy.utils.url import (
url_is_from_any_domain, url_has_any_extension,
# common file extensions that are not followed if they occur in links
# images
'mng', 'pct', 'bmp', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'png', 'pst', 'psp', 'tif',
'tiff', 'ai', 'drw', 'dxf', 'eps', 'ps', 'svg',
# audio
'mp3', 'wma', 'ogg', 'wav', 'ra', 'aac', 'mid', 'au', 'aiff',
# video
'3gp', 'asf', 'asx', 'avi', 'mov', 'mp4', 'mpg', 'qt', 'rm', 'swf', 'wmv',
'm4a', 'm4v', 'flv',
# office suites
'xls', 'xlsx', 'ppt', 'pptx', 'pps', 'doc', 'docx', 'odt', 'ods', 'odg',
# other
'css', 'pdf', 'exe', 'bin', 'rss', 'zip', 'rar',
_re_type = type(re.compile("", 0))
_matches = lambda url, regexs: any( for r in regexs)
_is_valid_url = lambda url: url.split('://', 1)[0] in {'http', 'https', \
'file', 'ftp'}
class FilteringLinkExtractor(object):
_csstranslator = HTMLTranslator()
def __init__(self, link_extractor, allow, deny, allow_domains, deny_domains,
restrict_xpaths, canonicalize, deny_extensions, restrict_css):
self.link_extractor = link_extractor
self.allow_res = [x if isinstance(x, _re_type) else re.compile(x)
for x in arg_to_iter(allow)]
self.deny_res = [x if isinstance(x, _re_type) else re.compile(x)
for x in arg_to_iter(deny)]
self.allow_domains = set(arg_to_iter(allow_domains))
self.deny_domains = set(arg_to_iter(deny_domains))
self.restrict_xpaths = tuple(arg_to_iter(restrict_xpaths))
self.restrict_xpaths += tuple(map(self._csstranslator.css_to_xpath,
self.canonicalize = canonicalize
if deny_extensions is None:
deny_extensions = IGNORED_EXTENSIONS
self.deny_extensions = {'.' + e for e in arg_to_iter(deny_extensions)}
def _link_allowed(self, link):
if not _is_valid_url(link.url):
return False
if self.allow_res and not _matches(link.url, self.allow_res):
return False
if self.deny_res and _matches(link.url, self.deny_res):
return False
parsed_url = urlparse(link.url)
if self.allow_domains and not url_is_from_any_domain(parsed_url, self.allow_domains):
return False
if self.deny_domains and url_is_from_any_domain(parsed_url, self.deny_domains):
return False
if self.deny_extensions and url_has_any_extension(parsed_url, self.deny_extensions):
return False
return True
def matches(self, url):
if self.allow_domains and not url_is_from_any_domain(url, self.allow_domains):
return False
if self.deny_domains and url_is_from_any_domain(url, self.deny_domains):
return False
allowed = ( for regex in self.allow_res) if self.allow_res else [True]
denied = ( for regex in self.deny_res) if self.deny_res else []
return any(allowed) and not any(denied)
def _process_links(self, links):
links = [x for x in links if self._link_allowed(x)]
if self.canonicalize:
for link in links:
link.url = canonicalize_url(link.url)
links = self.link_extractor._process_links(links)
return links
def _extract_links(self, *args, **kwargs):
return self.link_extractor._extract_links(*args, **kwargs)
# Top-level imports
from .lxmlhtml import LxmlLinkExtractor as LinkExtractor