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Added installation notes about using Conda for Windows and other OSes.

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@@ -24,9 +24,7 @@ The installation steps assume that you have the following things installed:
where the Python installer ships it bundled.

You can install Scrapy using pip (which is the canonical way to install Python

To install using pip::
packages). To install using ``pip`` run::

pip install Scrapy

@@ -35,6 +33,25 @@ To install using pip::
Platform specific installation notes


.. note::

For Windows users, or if you have issues installing through `pip`, this is
the recommended way to install Scrapy.

If you already have installed `Anaconda`_ or `Miniconda`_, the company
`Scrapinghub`_ maintains official conda packages for Linux, Windows and OS X.

To install Scrapy in Linux or OS X, use:

conda install -c scrapinghub scrapy

To install Scrapy in Windows, use:

conda install -c scrapinghub scrapy pywin32


@@ -167,3 +184,6 @@ After any of these workarounds you should be able to install Scrapy::
.. _homebrew:
.. _zsh:
.. _virtualenv:
.. _Scrapinghub:
.. _Anaconda:
.. _Miniconda:

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