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chripede authored and dangra committed Dec 30, 2015
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@@ -12,8 +12,7 @@ Scrapy uses the `odd-numbered versions for development releases`_.
There are 3 numbers in a Scrapy version: *A.B.C*

* *A* is the major version. This will rarely change and will signify very
large changes. So far, only zero is available for *A* as Scrapy hasn't yet
reached 1.0.
large changes.
* *B* is the release number. This will include many changes including features
and things that possibly break backwards compatibility. Even Bs will be
stable branches, and odd Bs will be development.
@@ -27,12 +26,10 @@ For example:
API Stability

API stability is one of Scrapy major goals for the *1.0* release, which doesn't
have a due date scheduled yet.
API stability was one of the major goals for the *1.0* release.

Methods or functions that start with a single dash (``_``) are private and
should never be relied as stable. Besides those, the plan is to stabilize and
document the entire API, as we approach the 1.0 release.
should never be relied as stable.

Also, keep in mind that stable doesn't mean complete: stable APIs could grow
new methods or functionality but the existing methods should keep working the

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