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fix typos in news.rst and remove (not released yet) header

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kmike committed Jan 17, 2014
1 parent 8fee933 commit b7f58f47a8b9da21619f68085dbffad994c20506
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@@ -3,11 +3,6 @@
Release notes

0.21 (not released yet)

- ...

0.22.0 (released 2014-01-16)

@@ -19,7 +14,7 @@ Enhancements
- Proxy https:// urls using CONNECT method (:issue:`392`, :issue:`397`)
- Add a middleware to crawl ajax crawleable pages as defined by google (:issue:`343`)
- Rename scrapy.spider.BaseSpider to scrapy.spider.Spider (:issue:`510`, :issue:`519`)
- Selectors registers EXSLT namespaces by default (:issue:`472`)
- Selectors register EXSLT namespaces by default (:issue:`472`)
- Unify item loaders similar to selectors renaming (:issue:`461`)
- Make `RFPDupeFilter` class easily subclassable (:issue:`533`)
- Improve test coverage and forthcoming Python 3 support (:issue:`525`)
@@ -31,7 +26,7 @@ Enhancements
- Improve offsite middleware tests (:issue:`478`)
- Add a way to skip default Referer header set by RefererMiddleware (:issue:`475`)
- Do not send `x-gzip` in default `Accept-Encoding` header (:issue:`469`)
- Suppport defining http error handling using settings (:issue:`466`)
- Support defining http error handling using settings (:issue:`466`)
- Use moderm python idioms wherever you find legacies (:issue:`497`)
- Improve and correct documentation
(:issue:`527`, :issue:`524`, :issue:`521`, :issue:`517`, :issue:`512`, :issue:`505`,
@@ -44,9 +39,9 @@ Fixes
- Fix unexistent reference to `engine.slots` (:issue:`464`)
- Do not try to call `body_as_unicode()` on a non-TextResponse instance (:issue:`462`)
- Warn when subclassing XPathItemLoader, previously it only warned on
instantation. (:issue:`523`)
instantiation. (:issue:`523`)
- Warn when subclassing XPathSelector, previously it only warned on
instantation. (:issue:`537`)
instantiation. (:issue:`537`)
- Multiple fixes to memory stats (:issue:`531`, :issue:`530`, :issue:`529`)
- Fix overriding url in `FormRequest.from_response()` (:issue:`507`)
- Fix tests runner under pip 1.5 (:issue:`513`)

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