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José Ricardo
José Ricardo committed Apr 16, 2015
1 parent c2c6d15 commit f92fa83a710288ad4e104753107acee7a8e51810
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@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ In other words, data is being collected by extracting it from two XPath
locations, using the :meth:`~ItemLoader.add_xpath` method. This is the
data that will be assigned to the ``name`` field later.

Afterwords, similar calls are used for ``price`` and ``stock`` fields
Afterwards, similar calls are used for ``price`` and ``stock`` fields
(the later using a CSS selector with the :meth:`~ItemLoader.add_css` method),
and finally the ``last_update`` field is populated directly with a literal value
(``today``) using a different method: :meth:`~ItemLoader.add_value`.

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