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Implement experimental HTTP/2 support #4769

merged 101 commits into from Mar 18, 2021

Implement experimental HTTP/2 support #4769

merged 101 commits into from Mar 18, 2021


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@Gallaecio Gallaecio commented Aug 31, 2020

Resolves #1854

This is most of the GSoC 2020 work by @adityaa30. There is additional work which will be handled in separate pull requests.

To do:

After merging:

adityaa30 and others added 30 commits May 31, 2020 18:08
- Request is sent successfully with its Response received as well.
However, the StreamEnded event is not received which do not fires the
response deferred
- Remove all wrapper funtions made such that stream can send header/data
to H2Connection as they were not necessary

Looks like, for small set of response data the StreamEnded event is
emitted and everything works well -- tested for both GET & POST request.
Maybe some issue with window size and/or flow control as when the
response data needs to be broken into separate chunks -- not all chunks
are received everytime which leads to indefinite waiting for next data
chunk and the connection is lost due to timeout. 😥

Working on setting up testing environment now. After testing is setup
I'll debug the above bug furthur.
Every data chunk received needs to be acknowledged to
- update the flow control window size
- get furthur data chunks from the server
- make separate function to parse http headers from Request instance
- Use itertools.count to generate next stream_id

When sending data/body more than the local flow control window -- no
window update occurs to send the remaining data frames. Hence, the
complete body is not send resulting in no response received.
- add Twisted[http2] in requirements
- add to test the current implementation

test_download times out because of no protocol negotiated between
Mockserver and HTTP/2 client
- Add StreamCloseReason enum
- Send response for different cases considering download_warnsize,
download_maxsize, fail_on_data_loss, connection lost, etc.
- remove as working testing environment is setup 🙂🙃
- Add typing_extensions as dependency to support TypedDict for
- Remove repeated dependency Twisted from
- Test for both GET & POST when
  - Only 1 request
  - Large number (=20) of requests
  - Small Data (10 KB) per request
  - Large Data (10 MB) per request
- Test when request is cancelled by the client'

Tests raises OpenSSL.SSL.Error when run using tox. However, all tests
passes when ran using `python -m unittest`.
- rename LOGGER -> logger
- remove self._write_to_transport from Stream class and handle all
transport related activities inside HTTP2ClientProtocol class
- add required test -- test by sending 1000 requests
- increase test timeout to 180 seconds to account for tests taking long
- while testing the job exceeded the maximum log length
and was terminated
- reduce the number of requests from 20 to 10
- refactor from str.format() to f-strings
- Initiating requests having hostname or (ip_address, port) different
from the peer to which HTTP/2 connection is made can lead to closing the
whole connection and close out all the pending streams.
- This change aims to fix that problem
- Add required tests
- Save hostname & port in H2ConnectionMetadataDict
- Change log level for hpack to ERROR
- H2ClientProtocol.close_stream
- Fix and add missing type hints
- More adjustments
- Rename stream id generator
- Simplify decrement
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@Gallaecio Regarding the memory issues, I'd like to point out a similarity with the DirtyReactorAggregateError exception I was getting in #4897 (solved by calling loseConnection on the associated producer): It's a long shot but it might be related.

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Gallaecio commented Feb 23, 2021

@elacuesta I ended up just re-running the tests. I know it’s not a fix, but since the issue is not specific to any change here (it’s most likely reproducible in master, given it affects a documentation pull request like #4974), this is probably not the right pull request to fix it.

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elacuesta commented Feb 23, 2021

Oh I didn't realize other PRs were affected as well, much less one about docs. In that case, it's no reason to hold this one from merging.

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