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Update scrapy command line doc with additional scrapy parse options #613

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Added several options to scrapy command line (parse command) that weren't reflected in the docs.

Some observations:

  • I've modified the description of the --spider argument from the one availabe in the scrapy built-in help "use this spider without looking for one". I think my description is more accurate, but I can change it back if you think it's not. If my description is really better I can have it applied to the built-in help of the scrapy coomand.

  • I've included placeholder arguments for the added options that support/require arguments. I can reflect it on the other options or I can remove them altogether from the ones I've added. I think adding them better reflects actual usage.

@pablohoffman pablohoffman merged commit 0bc2cba into scrapy:master
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  1. +8 −0 docs/topics/commands.rst
8 docs/topics/commands.rst
@@ -367,9 +367,15 @@ method passed with the ``--callback`` option, or ``parse`` if not given.
Supported options:
+* ``--spider=SPIDER``: bypass spider autodetection and force use of specific spider
+* ``--a NAME=VALUE``: set spider argument (may be repeated)
* ``--callback`` or ``-c``: spider method to use as callback for parsing the
+* ``--pipelines``: process items through pipelines
* ``--rules`` or ``-r``: use :class:`~scrapy.contrib.spiders.CrawlSpider`
rules to discover the callback (ie. spider method) to use for parsing the
@@ -378,6 +384,8 @@ Supported options:
* ``--nolinks``: don't show extracted links
+* ``--nocolour``: avoid using pygments to colorize the output
* ``--depth`` or ``-d``: depth level for which the requests should be followed
recursively (default: 1)
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