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PY3 port headers_raw_to_dict and headers_dict_to_raw to Python 3 #23

merged 1 commit into from Jul 21, 2014


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@kmike kmike commented Jul 21, 2014

It turns out w3lib.http was not ported. Tests passed because there was not enough tests.

The change could be backwards incompatible because these functions now require bytestrings and return bytestrings. But Scrapy always pass bytestrings to them, and in Python 2.x 'strings' are already bytestrings, so it shouldn't break much code.

…rs_dict_to_raw to Python 3.

These functions now require bytestrings.
pablohoffman added a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 21, 2014
PY3 port headers_raw_to_dict and headers_dict_to_raw to Python 3
@pablohoffman pablohoffman merged commit 6aa32e3 into master Jul 21, 2014
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continuous-integration/travis-ci The Travis CI build passed
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@kmike kmike commented Jul 21, 2014

Actually, it broke Scrapy testing suite because non-string values (e.g. integers) were supported before.

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@pablohoffman pablohoffman commented Jul 21, 2014


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@kmike kmike commented Jul 21, 2014

Do you think making a special case for int without restoring support for other value types is OK? I can see how int serialization is helpful, but for other objects casting str on them looks like a misfeature.

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@pablohoffman pablohoffman commented Jul 21, 2014

can you point me to the failing test?

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@pablohoffman pablohoffman commented Jul 21, 2014

I don't think it's worth support non-string values in these functions. The broken tests look more like a side-effect of sloppily written tests to me. It doesn't look like the tests are specifically testing for integer (or any non-string) value support. So I think we should fix the tests.

kmike added a commit to kmike/scrapy that referenced this pull request Jul 21, 2014
pablohoffman added a commit to scrapy/scrapy that referenced this pull request Jul 22, 2014
fix tests to account for scrapy/w3lib#23
kmike added a commit to scrapy/scrapy that referenced this pull request Aug 8, 2014
@kmike kmike deleted the w3lib-http-py3 branch Apr 11, 2016
0-wiz-0 pushed a commit to NetBSD/pkgsrc-wip that referenced this pull request Apr 14, 2016
pkgsrc changes:
 * Update LICENSE to reflect upstream changes (from mit to 3-clauses BSD)
 * Misc cleanups: simplify MASTER_SITE and just use <../../lang/python/>

1.0.5 (2016-02-04)

- FIX: [Backport] Ignore bogus links in LinkExtractors (fixes issue 907, commit 108195e)
- TST: Changed buildbot makefile to use ‘pytest’ (commit 1f3d90a)
- DOC: Fixed typos in tutorial and media-pipeline (commit 808a9ea and commit 803bd87)
- DOC: Add AjaxCrawlMiddleware to DOWNLOADER_MIDDLEWARES_BASE in settings docs (commit aa94121)

1.0.4 (2015-12-30)

- Ignoring xlib/tx folder, depending on Twisted version. (:commit:`7dfa979`)
- Run on new travis-ci infra (:commit:`6e42f0b`)
- Spelling fixes (:commit:`823a1cc`)
- escape nodename in xmliter regex (:commit:`da3c155`)
- test xml nodename with dots (:commit:`4418fc3`)
- TST don't use broken Pillow version in tests (:commit:`a55078c`)
- disable log on version command. closes #1426 (:commit:`86fc330`)
- disable log on startproject command (:commit:`db4c9fe`)
- Add PyPI download stats badge (:commit:`df2b944`)
- don't run tests twice on Travis if a PR is made from a scrapy/scrapy branch (:commit:`a83ab41`)
- Add Python 3 porting status badge to the README (:commit:`73ac80d`)
- fixed RFPDupeFilter persistence (:commit:`97d080e`)
- TST a test to show that dupefilter persistence is not working (:commit:`97f2fb3`)
- explicit close file on file:// scheme handler (:commit:`d9b4850`)
- Disable dupefilter in shell (:commit:`c0d0734`)
- DOC: Add captions to toctrees which appear in sidebar (:commit:`aa239ad`)
- DOC Removed pywin32 from install instructions as it's already declared as dependency. (:commit:`10eb400`)
- Added installation notes about using Conda for Windows and other OSes. (:commit:`1c3600a`)
- Fixed minor grammar issues. (:commit:`7f4ddd5`)
- fixed a typo in the documentation. (:commit:`b71f677`)
- Version 1 now exists (:commit:`5456c0e`)
- fix another invalid xpath error (:commit:`0a1366e`)
- fix ValueError: Invalid XPath: //div/[id="not-exists"]/text() on selectors.rst (:commit:`ca8d60f`)
- Typos corrections (:commit:`7067117`)
- fix typos in downloader-middleware.rst and exceptions.rst, middlware -> middleware (:commit:`32f115c`)
- Add note to ubuntu install section about debian compatibility (:commit:`23fda69`)
- Replace alternative OSX install workaround with virtualenv (:commit:`98b63ee`)
- Reference Homebrew's homepage for installation instructions (:commit:`1925db1`)
- Add oldest supported tox version to contributing docs (:commit:`5d10d6d`)
- Note in install docs about pip being already included in python>=2.7.9 (:commit:`85c980e`)
- Add non-python dependencies to Ubuntu install section in the docs (:commit:`fbd010d`)
- Add OS X installation section to docs (:commit:`d8f4cba`)
- DOC(ENH): specify path to rtd theme explicitly (:commit:`de73b1a`)
- minor: scrapy.Spider docs grammar (:commit:`1ddcc7b`)
- Make common practices sample code match the comments (:commit:`1b85bcf`)
- nextcall repetitive calls (heartbeats). (:commit:`55f7104`)
- Backport fix compatibility with Twisted 15.4.0 (:commit:`b262411`)
- pin pytest to 2.7.3 (:commit:`a6535c2`)
- Merge pull request #1512 from mgedmin/patch-1 (:commit:`8876111`)
- Merge pull request #1513 from mgedmin/patch-2 (:commit:`5d4daf8`)
- Typo (:commit:`f8d0682`)
- Fix list formatting (:commit:`5f83a93`)
- fix scrapy squeue tests after recent changes to queuelib (:commit:`3365c01`)
- Merge pull request #1475 from rweindl/patch-1 (:commit:`2d688cd`)
- Update tutorial.rst (:commit:`fbc1f25`)
- Merge pull request #1449 from rhoekman/patch-1 (:commit:`7d6538c`)
- Small grammatical change (:commit:`8752294`)
- Add openssl version to version command (:commit:`13c45ac`)

1.0.3 (2015-08-11)
- add service_identity to scrapy install_requires (:commit:`cbc2501`)
- Workaround for travis#296 (:commit:`66af9cd`)

1.0.2 (2015-08-06)

- Twisted 15.3.0 does not raises PicklingError serializing lambda functions (:commit:`b04dd7d`)
- Minor method name fix (:commit:`6f85c7f`)
- minor: scrapy.Spider grammar and clarity (:commit:`9c9d2e0`)
- Put a blurb about support channels in CONTRIBUTING (:commit:`c63882b`)
- Fixed typos (:commit:`a9ae7b0`)
- Fix doc reference. (:commit:`7c8a4fe`)

1.0.1 (2015-07-01)

- Unquote request path before passing to FTPClient, it already escape paths (:commit:`cc00ad2`)
- include tests/ to source distribution in (:commit:`eca227e`)
- DOC Fix SelectJmes documentation (:commit:`b8567bc`)
- DOC Bring Ubuntu and Archlinux outside of Windows subsection (:commit:`392233f`)
- DOC remove version suffix from ubuntu package (:commit:`5303c66`)
- DOC Update release date for 1.0 (:commit:`c89fa29`)

1.0.0 (2015-06-19)

You will find a lot of new features and bugfixes in this major release.  Make
sure to check our updated :ref:`overview <intro-overview>` to get a glance of
some of the changes, along with our brushed :ref:`tutorial <intro-tutorial>`.

Support for returning dictionaries in spiders

Declaring and returning Scrapy Items is no longer necessary to collect the
scraped data from your spider, you can now return explicit dictionaries

*Classic version*


    class MyItem(scrapy.Item):
        url = scrapy.Field()

    class MySpider(scrapy.Spider):
        def parse(self, response):
            return MyItem(url=response.url)

*New version*


    class MySpider(scrapy.Spider):
        def parse(self, response):
            return {'url': response.url}

Per-spider settings (GSoC 2014)

Last Google Summer of Code project accomplished an important redesign of the
mechanism used for populating settings, introducing explicit priorities to
override any given setting. As an extension of that goal, we included a new
level of priority for settings that act exclusively for a single spider,
allowing them to redefine project settings.

Start using it by defining a :attr:`~scrapy.spiders.Spider.custom_settings`
class variable in your spider::

    class MySpider(scrapy.Spider):
        custom_settings = {
            "DOWNLOAD_DELAY": 5.0,
            "RETRY_ENABLED": False,

Read more about settings population: :ref:`topics-settings`

Python Logging

Scrapy 1.0 has moved away from Twisted logging to support Python built in’s
as default logging system. We’re maintaining backward compatibility for most
of the old custom interface to call logging functions, but you’ll get
warnings to switch to the Python logging API entirely.

*Old version*


    from scrapy import log
    log.msg('MESSAGE', log.INFO)

*New version*


    import logging'MESSAGE')

Logging with spiders remains the same, but on top of the
:meth:`~scrapy.spiders.Spider.log` method you’ll have access to a custom
:attr:`~scrapy.spiders.Spider.logger` created for the spider to issue log


    class MySpider(scrapy.Spider):
        def parse(self, response):
  'Response received')

Read more in the logging documentation: :ref:`topics-logging`

Crawler API refactoring (GSoC 2014)

Another milestone for last Google Summer of Code was a refactoring of the
internal API, seeking a simpler and easier usage. Check new core interface
in: :ref:`topics-api`

A common situation where you will face these changes is while running Scrapy
from scripts. Here’s a quick example of how to run a Spider manually with the
new API:


    from scrapy.crawler import CrawlerProcess

    process = CrawlerProcess({
        'USER_AGENT': 'Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1)'

Bear in mind this feature is still under development and its API may change
until it reaches a stable status.

See more examples for scripts running Scrapy: :ref:`topics-practices`

Module Relocations

There’s been a large rearrangement of modules trying to improve the general
structure of Scrapy. Main changes were separating various subpackages into
new projects and dissolving both `scrapy.contrib` and `scrapy.contrib_exp`
into top level packages. Backward compatibility was kept among internal
relocations, while importing deprecated modules expect warnings indicating
their new place.

Full list of relocations

Outsourced packages

.. note::
    These extensions went through some minor changes, e.g. some setting names
    were changed. Please check the documentation in each new repository to
    get familiar with the new usage.

| Old location                        | New location                        |
| scrapy.commands.deploy              | `scrapyd-client < |
|                                     | /scrapy/scrapyd-client>`_           |
|                                     | (See other alternatives here:       |
|                                     | :ref:`topics-deploy`)               |
| scrapy.contrib.djangoitem           | `scrapy-djangoitem <https://github. |
|                                     | com/scrapy/scrapy-djangoitem>`_     |
| scrapy.webservice                   | `scrapy-jsonrpc < |
|                                     | /scrapy/scrapy-jsonrpc>`_           |

`scrapy.contrib_exp` and `scrapy.contrib` dissolutions

| Old location                        | New location                        |
| scrapy.contrib\_exp.downloadermidd\ | scrapy.downloadermiddlewares.decom\ |
| leware.decompression                | pression                            |
| scrapy.contrib\_exp.iterators       | scrapy.utils.iterators              |
| scrapy.contrib.downloadermiddleware | scrapy.downloadermiddlewares        |
| scrapy.contrib.exporter             | scrapy.exporters                    |
| scrapy.contrib.linkextractors       | scrapy.linkextractors               |
| scrapy.contrib.loader               | scrapy.loader                       |
| scrapy.contrib.loader.processor     | scrapy.loader.processors            |
| scrapy.contrib.pipeline             | scrapy.pipelines                    |
| scrapy.contrib.spidermiddleware     | scrapy.spidermiddlewares            |
| scrapy.contrib.spiders              | scrapy.spiders                      |
| * scrapy.contrib.closespider        | scrapy.extensions.\*                |
| * scrapy.contrib.corestats          |                                     |
| * scrapy.contrib.debug              |                                     |
| * scrapy.contrib.feedexport         |                                     |
| * scrapy.contrib.httpcache          |                                     |
| * scrapy.contrib.logstats           |                                     |
| * scrapy.contrib.memdebug           |                                     |
| * scrapy.contrib.memusage           |                                     |
| * scrapy.contrib.spiderstate        |                                     |
| * scrapy.contrib.statsmailer        |                                     |
| * scrapy.contrib.throttle           |                                     |

Plural renames and Modules unification

| Old location                        | New location                        |
| scrapy.command                      | scrapy.commands                     |
| scrapy.dupefilter                   | scrapy.dupefilters                  |
| scrapy.linkextractor                | scrapy.linkextractors               |
| scrapy.spider                       | scrapy.spiders                      |
| scrapy.squeue                       | scrapy.squeues                      |
| scrapy.statscol                     | scrapy.statscollectors              |
| scrapy.utils.decorator              | scrapy.utils.decorators             |

Class renames

| Old location                        | New location                        |
| scrapy.spidermanager.SpiderManager  | scrapy.spiderloader.SpiderLoader    |

Settings renames

| Old location                        | New location                        |
| SPIDER\_MANAGER\_CLASS              | SPIDER\_LOADER\_CLASS               |


New Features and Enhancements

- Python logging (:issue:`1060`, :issue:`1235`, :issue:`1236`, :issue:`1240`,
  :issue:`1259`, :issue:`1278`, :issue:`1286`)
- FEED_EXPORT_FIELDS option (:issue:`1159`, :issue:`1224`)
- Dns cache size and timeout options (:issue:`1132`)
- support namespace prefix in xmliter_lxml (:issue:`963`)
- Reactor threadpool max size setting (:issue:`1123`)
- Allow spiders to return dicts. (:issue:`1081`)
- Add Response.urljoin() helper (:issue:`1086`)
- look in ~/.config/scrapy.cfg for user config (:issue:`1098`)
- handle TLS SNI (:issue:`1101`)
- Selectorlist extract first (:issue:`624`, :issue:`1145`)
- Added JmesSelect (:issue:`1016`)
- add gzip compression to filesystem http cache backend (:issue:`1020`)
- CSS support in link extractors (:issue:`983`)
- httpcache dont_cache meta #19 #689 (:issue:`821`)
- add signal to be sent when request is dropped by the scheduler
- avoid download large response (:issue:`946`)
- Allow to specify the quotechar in CSVFeedSpider (:issue:`882`)
- Add referer to "Spider error processing" log message (:issue:`795`)
- process robots.txt once (:issue:`896`)
- GSoC Per-spider settings (:issue:`854`)
- Add project name validation (:issue:`817`)
- GSoC API cleanup (:issue:`816`, :issue:`1128`, :issue:`1147`,
  :issue:`1148`, :issue:`1156`, :issue:`1185`, :issue:`1187`, :issue:`1258`,
  :issue:`1268`, :issue:`1276`, :issue:`1285`, :issue:`1284`)
- Be more responsive with IO operations (:issue:`1074` and :issue:`1075`)
- Do leveldb compaction for httpcache on closing (:issue:`1297`)

Deprecations and Removals

- Deprecate htmlparser link extractor (:issue:`1205`)
- remove deprecated code from FeedExporter (:issue:`1155`)
- a leftover for.15 compatibility (:issue:`925`)
- drop support for CONCURRENT_REQUESTS_PER_SPIDER (:issue:`895`)
- Drop old engine code (:issue:`911`)
- Deprecate SgmlLinkExtractor (:issue:`777`)


- Move exporters/ to (:issue:`1242`)
- Move base classes to their packages (:issue:`1218`, :issue:`1233`)
- Module relocation (:issue:`1181`, :issue:`1210`)
- rename SpiderManager to SpiderLoader (:issue:`1166`)
- Remove djangoitem (:issue:`1177`)
- remove scrapy deploy command (:issue:`1102`)
- dissolve contrib_exp (:issue:`1134`)
- Deleted bin folder from root, fixes #913 (:issue:`914`)
- Remove jsonrpc based webservice (:issue:`859`)
- Move Test cases under project root dir (:issue:`827`, :issue:`841`)
- Fix backward incompatibility for relocated paths in settings


- CrawlerProcess documentation (:issue:`1190`)
- Favoring web scraping over screen scraping in the descriptions
- Some improvements for Scrapy tutorial (:issue:`1180`)
- Documenting Files Pipeline together with Images Pipeline (:issue:`1150`)
- deployment docs tweaks (:issue:`1164`)
- Added deployment section covering scrapyd-deploy and shub (:issue:`1124`)
- Adding more settings to project template (:issue:`1073`)
- some improvements to overview page (:issue:`1106`)
- Updated link in docs/topics/architecture.rst (:issue:`647`)
- DOC reorder topics (:issue:`1022`)
- updating list of Request.meta special keys (:issue:`1071`)
- DOC document download_timeout (:issue:`898`)
- DOC simplify extension docs (:issue:`893`)
- Leaks docs (:issue:`894`)
- DOC document from_crawler method for item pipelines (:issue:`904`)
- Spider_error doesn't support deferreds (:issue:`1292`)
- Corrections & Sphinx related fixes (:issue:`1220`, :issue:`1219`,
  :issue:`1196`, :issue:`1172`, :issue:`1171`, :issue:`1169`, :issue:`1160`,
  :issue:`1154`, :issue:`1127`, :issue:`1112`, :issue:`1105`, :issue:`1041`,
  :issue:`1082`, :issue:`1033`, :issue:`944`, :issue:`866`, :issue:`864`,
  :issue:`796`, :issue:`1260`, :issue:`1271`, :issue:`1293`, :issue:`1298`)


- Item multi inheritance fix (:issue:`353`, :issue:`1228`)
- ItemLoader.load_item: iterate over copy of fields (:issue:`722`)
- Fix Unhandled error in Deferred (RobotsTxtMiddleware) (:issue:`1131`,
- Force to read DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT as int (:issue:`954`)
- scrapy.utils.misc.load_object should print full traceback (:issue:`902`)
- Fix bug for ".local" host name (:issue:`878`)
- Fix for Enabled extensions, middlewares, pipelines info not printed
  anymore (:issue:`879`)
- fix dont_merge_cookies bad behaviour when set to false on meta

Python 3 In Progress Support

- disable scrapy.telnet if twisted.conch is not available (:issue:`1161`)
- fix Python 3 syntax errors in (:issue:`1162`)
- more python3 compatibility changes for urllib (:issue:`1121`)
- assertItemsEqual was renamed to assertCountEqual in Python 3.
- Import unittest.mock if available. (:issue:`1066`)
- updated deprecated cgi.parse_qsl to use six's parse_qsl (:issue:`909`)
- Prevent Python 3 port regressions (:issue:`830`)
- PY3: use MutableMapping for python 3 (:issue:`810`)
- PY3: use six.BytesIO and six.moves.cStringIO (:issue:`803`)
- PY3: fix xmlrpclib and email imports (:issue:`801`)
- PY3: use six for robotparser and urlparse (:issue:`800`)
- PY3: use six.iterkeys, six.iteritems, and tempfile (:issue:`799`)
- PY3: fix has_key and use six.moves.configparser (:issue:`798`)
- PY3: use six.moves.cPickle (:issue:`797`)
- PY3 make it possible to run some tests in Python3 (:issue:`776`)


- remove unnecessary lines from py3-ignores (:issue:`1243`)
- Fix remaining warnings from pytest while collecting tests (:issue:`1206`)
- Add docs build to travis (:issue:`1234`)
- TST don't collect tests from deprecated modules. (:issue:`1165`)
- install service_identity package in tests to prevent warnings
- Fix deprecated settings API in tests (:issue:`1152`)
- Add test for webclient with POST method and no body given (:issue:`1089`)
- py3-ignores.txt supports comments (:issue:`1044`)
- modernize some of the asserts (:issue:`835`)
- selector.__repr__ test (:issue:`779`)

Code refactoring

- CSVFeedSpider cleanup: use iterate_spider_output (:issue:`1079`)
- remove unnecessary check from scrapy.utils.spider.iter_spider_output
- Pydispatch pep8 (:issue:`992`)
- Removed unused 'load=False' parameter from walk_modules() (:issue:`871`)
- For consistency, use `job_dir` helper in `SpiderState` extension.
- rename "sflo" local variables to less cryptic "log_observer" (:issue:`775`)

0.24.6 (2015-04-20)

- encode invalid xpath with unicode_escape under PY2 (:commit:`07cb3e5`)
- fix IPython shell scope issue and load IPython user config (:commit:`2c8e573`)
- Fix small typo in the docs (:commit:`d694019`)
- Fix small typo (:commit:`f92fa83`)
- Converted sel.xpath() calls to response.xpath() in Extracting the data (:commit:`c2c6d15`)

0.24.5 (2015-02-25)

- Support new _getEndpoint Agent signatures on Twisted 15.0.0 (:commit:`540b9bc`)
- DOC a couple more references are fixed (:commit:`b4c454b`)
- DOC fix a reference (:commit:`e3c1260`)
- t.i.b.ThreadedResolver is now a new-style class (:commit:`9e13f42`)
- S3DownloadHandler: fix auth for requests with quoted paths/query params (:commit:`cdb9a0b`)
- fixed the variable types in mailsender documentation (:commit:`bb3a848`)
- Reset items_scraped instead of item_count (:commit:`edb07a4`)
- Tentative attention message about what document to read for contributions (:commit:`7ee6f7a`)
- mitmproxy 0.10.1 needs netlib 0.10.1 too (:commit:`874fcdd`)
- pin mitmproxy 0.10.1 as >0.11 does not work with tests (:commit:`c6b21f0`)
- Test the parse command locally instead of against an external url (:commit:`c3a6628`)
- Patches Twisted issue while closing the connection pool on HTTPDownloadHandler (:commit:`d0bf957`)
- Updates documentation on dynamic item classes. (:commit:`eeb589a`)
- Merge pull request #943 from Lazar-T/patch-3 (:commit:`5fdab02`)
- typo (:commit:`b0ae199`)
- pywin32 is required by Twisted. closes #937 (:commit:`5cb0cfb`)
- Update install.rst (:commit:`781286b`)
- Merge pull request #928 from Lazar-T/patch-1 (:commit:`b415d04`)
- comma instead of fullstop (:commit:`627b9ba`)
- Merge pull request #885 from jsma/patch-1 (:commit:`de909ad`)
- Update request-response.rst (:commit:`3f3263d`)
- SgmlLinkExtractor - fix for parsing <area> tag with Unicode present (:commit:`49b40f0`)

0.24.4 (2014-08-09)

- pem file is used by mockserver and required by scrapy bench (:commit:`5eddc68`)
- scrapy bench needs scrapy.tests* (:commit:`d6cb999`)

0.24.3 (2014-08-09)

- no need to waste travis-ci time on py3 for 0.24 (:commit:`8e080c1`)
- Update installation docs (:commit:`1d0c096`)
- There is a trove classifier for Scrapy framework! (:commit:`4c701d7`)
- update other places where w3lib version is mentioned (:commit:`d109c13`)
- Update w3lib requirement to 1.8.0 (:commit:`39d2ce5`)
- Use w3lib.html.replace_entities() (remove_entities() is deprecated) (:commit:`180d3ad`)
- set zip_safe=False (:commit:`a51ee8b`)
- do not ship tests package (:commit:`ee3b371`)
- scrapy.bat is not needed anymore (:commit:`c3861cf`)
- Modernize (:commit:`362e322`)
- headers can not handle non-string values (:commit:`94a5c65`)
- fix ftp test cases (:commit:`a274a7f`)
- The sum up of travis-ci builds are taking like 50min to complete (:commit:`ae1e2cc`)
- Update shell.rst typo (:commit:`e49c96a`)
- removes weird indentation in the shell results (:commit:`1ca489d`)
- improved explanations, clarified blog post as source, added link for XPath string functions in the spec (:commit:`65c8f05`)
- renamed UserTimeoutError and ServerTimeouterror #583 (:commit:`037f6ab`)
- adding some xpath tips to selectors docs (:commit:`2d103e0`)
- fix tests to account for (:commit:`f8d366a`)
- get_func_args maximum recursion fix #728 (:commit:`81344ea`)
- Updated input/ouput processor example according to #560. (:commit:`f7c4ea8`)
- Fixed Python syntax in tutorial. (:commit:`db59ed9`)
- Add test case for tunneling proxy (:commit:`f090260`)
- Bugfix for leaking Proxy-Authorization header to remote host when using tunneling (:commit:`d8793af`)
- Extract links from XHTML documents with MIME-Type "application/xml" (:commit:`ed1f376`)
- Merge pull request #793 from roysc/patch-1 (:commit:`91a1106`)
- Fix typo in commands.rst (:commit:`743e1e2`)
- better testcase for settings.overrides.setdefault (:commit:`e22daaf`)
- Using CRLF as line marker according to http 1.1 definition (:commit:`5ec430b`)

0.24.2 (2014-07-08)

- Use a mutable mapping to proxy deprecated settings.overrides and settings.defaults attribute (:commit:`e5e8133`)
- there is not support for python3 yet (:commit:`3cd6146`)
- Update python compatible version set to debian packages (:commit:`fa5d76b`)
- DOC fix formatting in release notes (:commit:`c6a9e20`)

0.24.1 (2014-06-27)

- Fix deprecated CrawlerSettings and increase backwards compatibility with
  .defaults attribute (:commit:`8e3f20a`)

0.24.0 (2014-06-26)


- Improve Scrapy top-level namespace (:issue:`494`, :issue:`684`)
- Add selector shortcuts to responses (:issue:`554`, :issue:`690`)
- Add new lxml based LinkExtractor to replace unmantained SgmlLinkExtractor
  (:issue:`559`, :issue:`761`, :issue:`763`)
- Cleanup settings API - part of per-spider settings **GSoC project** (:issue:`737`)
- Add UTF8 encoding header to templates (:issue:`688`, :issue:`762`)
- Telnet console now binds to by default (:issue:`699`)
- Update debian/ubuntu install instructions (:issue:`509`, :issue:`549`)
- Disable smart strings in lxml XPath evaluations (:issue:`535`)
- Restore filesystem based cache as default for http
  cache middleware (:issue:`541`, :issue:`500`, :issue:`571`)
- Expose current crawler in Scrapy shell (:issue:`557`)
- Improve testsuite comparing CSV and XML exporters (:issue:`570`)
- New `offsite/filtered` and `offsite/domains` stats (:issue:`566`)
- Support process_links as generator in CrawlSpider (:issue:`555`)
- Verbose logging and new stats counters for DupeFilter (:issue:`553`)
- Add a mimetype parameter to `MailSender.send()` (:issue:`602`)
- Generalize file pipeline log messages (:issue:`622`)
- Replace unencodeable codepoints with html entities in SGMLLinkExtractor (:issue:`565`)
- Converted SEP documents to rst format (:issue:`629`, :issue:`630`,
  :issue:`638`, :issue:`632`, :issue:`636`, :issue:`640`, :issue:`635`,
  :issue:`634`, :issue:`639`, :issue:`637`, :issue:`631`, :issue:`633`,
  :issue:`641`, :issue:`642`)
- Tests and docs for clickdata's nr index in FormRequest (:issue:`646`, :issue:`645`)
- Allow to disable a downloader handler just like any other component (:issue:`650`)
- Log when a request is discarded after too many redirections (:issue:`654`)
- Log error responses if they are not handled by spider callbacks
  (:issue:`612`, :issue:`656`)
- Add content-type check to http compression mw (:issue:`193`, :issue:`660`)
- Run pypy tests using latest pypi from ppa (:issue:`674`)
- Run test suite using pytest instead of trial (:issue:`679`)
- Build docs and check for dead links in tox environment (:issue:`687`)
- Make scrapy.version_info a tuple of integers (:issue:`681`, :issue:`692`)
- Infer exporter's output format from filename extensions
  (:issue:`546`, :issue:`659`, :issue:`760`)
- Support case-insensitive domains in `url_is_from_any_domain()` (:issue:`693`)
- Remove pep8 warnings in project and spider templates (:issue:`698`)
- Tests and docs for `request_fingerprint` function (:issue:`597`)
- Update SEP-19 for GSoC project `per-spider settings` (:issue:`705`)
- Set exit code to non-zero when contracts fails (:issue:`727`)
- Add a setting to control what class is instanciated as Downloader component
- Pass response in `item_dropped` signal (:issue:`724`)
- Improve `scrapy check` contracts command (:issue:`733`, :issue:`752`)
- Document `spider.closed()` shortcut (:issue:`719`)
- Document `request_scheduled` signal (:issue:`746`)
- Add a note about reporting security issues (:issue:`697`)
- Add LevelDB http cache storage backend (:issue:`626`, :issue:`500`)
- Sort spider list output of `scrapy list` command (:issue:`742`)
- Multiple documentation enhancemens and fixes
  (:issue:`575`, :issue:`587`, :issue:`590`, :issue:`596`, :issue:`610`,
  :issue:`617`, :issue:`618`, :issue:`627`, :issue:`613`, :issue:`643`,
  :issue:`654`, :issue:`675`, :issue:`663`, :issue:`711`, :issue:`714`)


- Encode unicode URL value when creating Links in RegexLinkExtractor (:issue:`561`)
- Ignore None values in ItemLoader processors (:issue:`556`)
- Fix link text when there is an inner tag in SGMLLinkExtractor and
  HtmlParserLinkExtractor (:issue:`485`, :issue:`574`)
- Fix wrong checks on subclassing of deprecated classes
  (:issue:`581`, :issue:`584`)
- Handle errors caused by inspect.stack() failures (:issue:`582`)
- Fix a reference to unexistent engine attribute (:issue:`593`, :issue:`594`)
- Fix dynamic itemclass example usage of type() (:issue:`603`)
- Use lucasdemarchi/codespell to fix typos (:issue:`628`)
- Fix default value of attrs argument in SgmlLinkExtractor to be tuple (:issue:`661`)
- Fix XXE flaw in sitemap reader (:issue:`676`)
- Fix engine to support filtered start requests (:issue:`707`)
- Fix offsite middleware case on urls with no hostnames (:issue:`745`)
- Testsuite doesn't require PIL anymore (:issue:`585`)

0.22.2 (released 2014-02-14)

- fix a reference to unexistent engine.slots. closes #593 (:commit:`13c099a`)
- downloaderMW doc typo (spiderMW doc copy remnant) (:commit:`8ae11bf`)
- Correct typos (:commit:`1346037`)

0.22.1 (released 2014-02-08)

- localhost666 can resolve under certain circumstances (:commit:`2ec2279`)
- test inspect.stack failure (:commit:`cc3eda3`)
- Handle cases when inspect.stack() fails (:commit:`8cb44f9`)
- Fix wrong checks on subclassing of deprecated classes. closes #581 (:commit:`46d98d6`)
- Docs: 4-space indent for final spider example (:commit:`13846de`)
- Fix HtmlParserLinkExtractor and tests after #485 merge (:commit:`368a946`)
- BaseSgmlLinkExtractor: Fixed the missing space when the link has an inner tag (:commit:`b566388`)
- BaseSgmlLinkExtractor: Added unit test of a link with an inner tag (:commit:`c1cb418`)
- BaseSgmlLinkExtractor: Fixed unknown_endtag() so that it only set current_link=None when the end tag match the opening tag (:commit:`7e4d627`)
- Fix tests for Travis-CI build (:commit:`76c7e20`)
- replace unencodeable codepoints with html entities. fixes #562 and #285 (:commit:`5f87b17`)
- RegexLinkExtractor: encode URL unicode value when creating Links (:commit:`d0ee545`)
- Updated the tutorial crawl output with latest output. (:commit:`8da65de`)
- Updated shell docs with the crawler reference and fixed the actual shell output. (:commit:`875b9ab`)
- PEP8 minor edits. (:commit:`f89efaf`)
- Expose current crawler in the scrapy shell. (:commit:`5349cec`)
- Unused re import and PEP8 minor edits. (:commit:`387f414`)
- Ignore None's values when using the ItemLoader. (:commit:`0632546`)
- DOC Fixed HTTPCACHE_STORAGE typo in the default value which is now Filesystem instead Dbm. (:commit:`cde9a8c`)
- show ubuntu setup instructions as literal code (:commit:`fb5c9c5`)
- Update Ubuntu installation instructions (:commit:`70fb105`)
- Merge pull request #550 from stray-leone/patch-1 (:commit:`6f70b6a`)
- modify the version of scrapy ubuntu package (:commit:`725900d`)
- fix 0.22.0 release date (:commit:`af0219a`)
- fix typos in news.rst and remove (not released yet) header (:commit:`b7f58f4`)

0.22.0 (released 2014-01-17)


- [**Backwards incompatible**] Switched HTTPCacheMiddleware backend to filesystem (:issue:`541`)
  To restore old backend set `HTTPCACHE_STORAGE` to `scrapy.contrib.httpcache.DbmCacheStorage`
- Proxy \https:// urls using CONNECT method (:issue:`392`, :issue:`397`)
- Add a middleware to crawl ajax crawleable pages as defined by google (:issue:`343`)
- Rename scrapy.spider.BaseSpider to scrapy.spider.Spider (:issue:`510`, :issue:`519`)
- Selectors register EXSLT namespaces by default (:issue:`472`)
- Unify item loaders similar to selectors renaming (:issue:`461`)
- Make `RFPDupeFilter` class easily subclassable (:issue:`533`)
- Improve test coverage and forthcoming Python 3 support (:issue:`525`)
- Promote startup info on settings and middleware to INFO level (:issue:`520`)
- Support partials in `get_func_args` util (:issue:`506`, issue:`504`)
- Allow running indiviual tests via tox (:issue:`503`)
- Update extensions ignored by link extractors (:issue:`498`)
- Add middleware methods to get files/images/thumbs paths (:issue:`490`)
- Improve offsite middleware tests (:issue:`478`)
- Add a way to skip default Referer header set by RefererMiddleware (:issue:`475`)
- Do not send `x-gzip` in default `Accept-Encoding` header (:issue:`469`)
- Support defining http error handling using settings (:issue:`466`)
- Use modern python idioms wherever you find legacies (:issue:`497`)
- Improve and correct documentation
  (:issue:`527`, :issue:`524`, :issue:`521`, :issue:`517`, :issue:`512`, :issue:`505`,
  :issue:`502`, :issue:`489`, :issue:`465`, :issue:`460`, :issue:`425`, :issue:`536`)


- Update Selector class imports in CrawlSpider template (:issue:`484`)
- Fix unexistent reference to `engine.slots` (:issue:`464`)
- Do not try to call `body_as_unicode()` on a non-TextResponse instance (:issue:`462`)
- Warn when subclassing XPathItemLoader, previously it only warned on
  instantiation. (:issue:`523`)
- Warn when subclassing XPathSelector, previously it only warned on
  instantiation. (:issue:`537`)
- Multiple fixes to memory stats (:issue:`531`, :issue:`530`, :issue:`529`)
- Fix overriding url in `FormRequest.from_response()` (:issue:`507`)
- Fix tests runner under pip 1.5 (:issue:`513`)
- Fix logging error when spider name is unicode (:issue:`479`)

0.20.2 (released 2013-12-09)

- Update CrawlSpider Template with Selector changes (:commit:`6d1457d`)
- fix method name in tutorial. closes GH-480 (:commit:`b4fc359`

0.20.1 (released 2013-11-28)

- include_package_data is required to build wheels from published sources (:commit:`5ba1ad5`)
- process_parallel was leaking the failures on its internal deferreds.  closes #458 (:commit:`419a780`)

0.20.0 (released 2013-11-08)


- New Selector's API including CSS selectors (:issue:`395` and :issue:`426`),
- Request/Response url/body attributes are now immutable
  (modifying them had been deprecated for a long time)
- :setting:`ITEM_PIPELINES` is now defined as a dict (instead of a list)
- Sitemap spider can fetch alternate URLs (:issue:`360`)
- `Selector.remove_namespaces()` now remove namespaces from element's attributes. (:issue:`416`)
- Paved the road for Python 3.3+ (:issue:`435`, :issue:`436`, :issue:`431`, :issue:`452`)
- New item exporter using native python types with nesting support (:issue:`366`)
- Tune HTTP1.1 pool size so it matches concurrency defined by settings (:commit:`b43b5f575`)
- scrapy.mail.MailSender now can connect over TLS or upgrade using STARTTLS (:issue:`327`)
- New FilesPipeline with functionality factored out from ImagesPipeline (:issue:`370`, :issue:`409`)
- Recommend Pillow instead of PIL for image handling (:issue:`317`)
- Added debian packages for Ubuntu quantal and raring (:commit:`86230c0`)
- Mock server (used for tests) can listen for HTTPS requests (:issue:`410`)
- Remove multi spider support from multiple core components
  (:issue:`422`, :issue:`421`, :issue:`420`, :issue:`419`, :issue:`423`, :issue:`418`)
- Travis-CI now tests Scrapy changes against development versions of `w3lib` and `queuelib` python packages.
- Add pypy 2.1 to continuous integration tests (:commit:`ecfa7431`)
- Pylinted, pep8 and removed old-style exceptions from source (:issue:`430`, :issue:`432`)
- Use importlib for parametric imports (:issue:`445`)
- Handle a regression introduced in Python 2.7.5 that affects XmlItemExporter (:issue:`372`)
- Bugfix crawling shutdown on SIGINT (:issue:`450`)
- Do not submit `reset` type inputs in FormRequest.from_response (:commit:`b326b87`)
- Do not silence download errors when request errback raises an exception (:commit:`684cfc0`)


- Fix tests under Django 1.6 (:commit:`b6bed44c`)
- Lot of bugfixes to retry middleware under disconnections using HTTP 1.1 download handler
- Fix inconsistencies among Twisted releases (:issue:`406`)
- Fix scrapy shell bugs (:issue:`418`, :issue:`407`)
- Fix invalid variable name in (:issue:`429`)
- Fix tutorial references (:issue:`387`)
- Improve request-response docs (:issue:`391`)
- Improve best practices docs (:issue:`399`, :issue:`400`, :issue:`401`, :issue:`402`)
- Improve django integration docs (:issue:`404`)
- Document `bindaddress` request meta (:commit:`37c24e01d7`)
- Improve `Request` class documentation (:issue:`226`)


- Dropped Python 2.6 support (:issue:`448`)
- Add `cssselect`_ python package as install dependency
- Drop libxml2 and multi selector's backend support, `lxml`_ is required from now on.
- Minimum Twisted version increased to 10.0.0, dropped Twisted 8.0 support.
- Running test suite now requires `mock` python library (:issue:`390`)


Thanks to everyone who contribute to this release!

List of contributors sorted by number of commits::

     69 Daniel Graña <dangra@...>
     37 Pablo Hoffman <pablo@...>
     13 Mikhail Korobov <kmike84@...>
      9 Alex Cepoi <alex.cepoi@...>
      9 alexanderlukanin13 <alexander.lukanin.13@...>
      8 Rolando Espinoza La fuente <darkrho@...>
      8 Lukasz Biedrycki <lukasz.biedrycki@...>
      6 Nicolas Ramirez <>
      3 Paul Tremberth <paul.tremberth@...>
      2 Martin Olveyra <molveyra@...>
      2 Stefan <misc@...>
      2 Rolando Espinoza <darkrho@...>
      2 Loren Davie <loren@...>
      2 irgmedeiros <irgmedeiros@...>
      1 Stefan Koch <taikano@...>
      1 Stefan <cct@...>
      1 scraperdragon <dragon@...>
      1 Kumara Tharmalingam <ktharmal@...>
      1 Francesco Piccinno <>
      1 Marcos Campal <duendex@...>
      1 Dragon Dave <dragon@...>
      1 Capi Etheriel <barraponto@...>
      1 cacovsky <amarquesferraz@...>
      1 Berend Iwema <berend@...>

0.18.4 (released 2013-10-10)

- IPython refuses to update the namespace. fix #396 (:commit:`3d32c4f`)
- Fix AlreadyCalledError replacing a request in shell command. closes #407 (:commit:`b1d8919`)
- Fix start_requests laziness and early hangs (:commit:`89faf52`)

0.18.3 (released 2013-10-03)

- fix regression on lazy evaluation of start requests (:commit:`12693a5`)
- forms: do not submit reset inputs (:commit:`e429f63`)
- increase unittest timeouts to decrease travis false positive failures (:commit:`912202e`)
- backport master fixes to json exporter (:commit:`cfc2d46`)
- Fix permission and set umask before generating sdist tarball (:commit:`06149e0`)

0.18.2 (released 2013-09-03)

- Backport `scrapy check` command fixes and backward compatible multi
  crawler process(:issue:`339`)

0.18.1 (released 2013-08-27)

- remove extra import added by cherry picked changes (:commit:`d20304e`)
- fix crawling tests under twisted pre 11.0.0 (:commit:`1994f38`)
- py26 can not format zero length fields {} (:commit:`abf756f`)
- test PotentiaDataLoss errors on unbound responses (:commit:`b15470d`)
- Treat responses without content-length or Transfer-Encoding as good responses (:commit:`c4bf324`)
- do no include ResponseFailed if http11 handler is not enabled (:commit:`6cbe684`)
- New HTTP client wraps connection losts in ResponseFailed exception. fix #373 (:commit:`1a20bba`)
- limit travis-ci build matrix (:commit:`3b01bb8`)
- Merge pull request #375 from peterarenot/patch-1 (:commit:`fa766d7`)
- Fixed so it refers to the correct folder (:commit:`3283809`)
- added quantal & raring to support ubuntu releases (:commit:`1411923`)
- fix retry middleware which didn't retry certain connection errors after the upgrade to http1 client, closes GH-373 (:commit:`bb35ed0`)
- fix XmlItemExporter in Python 2.7.4 and 2.7.5 (:commit:`de3e451`)
- minor updates to 0.18 release notes (:commit:`c45e5f1`)
- fix contributters list format (:commit:`0b60031`)

0.18.0 (released 2013-08-09)

- Lot of improvements to testsuite run using Tox, including a way to test on pypi
- Handle GET parameters for AJAX crawleable urls (:commit:`3fe2a32`)
- Use lxml recover option to parse sitemaps (:issue:`347`)
- Bugfix cookie merging by hostname and not by netloc (:issue:`352`)
- Support disabling `HttpCompressionMiddleware` using a flag setting (:issue:`359`)
- Support xml namespaces using `iternodes` parser in `XMLFeedSpider` (:issue:`12`)
- Support `dont_cache` request meta flag (:issue:`19`)
- Bugfix `scrapy.utils.gz.gunzip` broken by changes in python 2.7.4 (:commit:`4dc76e`)
- Bugfix url encoding on `SgmlLinkExtractor` (:issue:`24`)
- Bugfix `TakeFirst` processor shouldn't discard zero (0) value (:issue:`59`)
- Support nested items in xml exporter (:issue:`66`)
- Improve cookies handling performance (:issue:`77`)
- Log dupe filtered requests once (:issue:`105`)
- Split redirection middleware into status and meta based middlewares (:issue:`78`)
- Use HTTP1.1 as default downloader handler (:issue:`109` and :issue:`318`)
- Support xpath form selection on `FormRequest.from_response` (:issue:`185`)
- Bugfix unicode decoding error on `SgmlLinkExtractor` (:issue:`199`)
- Bugfix signal dispatching on pypi interpreter (:issue:`205`)
- Improve request delay and concurrency handling (:issue:`206`)
- Add RFC2616 cache policy to `HttpCacheMiddleware` (:issue:`212`)
- Allow customization of messages logged by engine (:issue:`214`)
- Multiples improvements to `DjangoItem` (:issue:`217`, :issue:`218`, :issue:`221`)
- Extend Scrapy commands using setuptools entry points (:issue:`260`)
- Allow spider `allowed_domains` value to be set/tuple (:issue:`261`)
- Support `settings.getdict` (:issue:`269`)
- Simplify internal `scrapy.core.scraper` slot handling (:issue:`271`)
- Added `Item.copy` (:issue:`290`)
- Collect idle downloader slots (:issue:`297`)
- Add `ftp://` scheme downloader handler (:issue:`329`)
- Added downloader benchmark webserver and spider tools :ref:`benchmarking`
- Moved persistent (on disk) queues to a separate project (queuelib_) which scrapy now depends on
- Add scrapy commands using external libraries (:issue:`260`)
- Added ``--pdb`` option to ``scrapy`` command line tool
- Added :meth:`XPathSelector.remove_namespaces` which allows to remove all namespaces from XML documents for convenience (to work with namespace-less XPaths). Documented in :ref:`topics-selectors`.
- Several improvements to spider contracts
- New default middleware named MetaRefreshMiddldeware that handles meta-refresh html tag redirections,
- MetaRefreshMiddldeware and RedirectMiddleware have different priorities to address #62
- added from_crawler method to spiders
- added system tests with mock server
- more improvements to Mac OS compatibility (thanks Alex Cepoi)
- several more cleanups to singletons and multi-spider support (thanks Nicolas Ramirez)
- support custom download slots
- added --spider option to "shell" command.
- log overridden settings when scrapy starts

Thanks to everyone who contribute to this release. Here is a list of
contributors sorted by number of commits::

    130 Pablo Hoffman <pablo@...>
     97 Daniel Graña <dangra@...>
     20 Nicolás Ramírez <>
     13 Mikhail Korobov <kmike84@...>
     12 Pedro Faustino <pedrobandim@...>
     11 Steven Almeroth <sroth77@...>
      5 Rolando Espinoza La fuente <darkrho@...>
      4 Michal Danilak <mimino.coder@...>
      4 Alex Cepoi <alex.cepoi@...>
      4 Alexandr N Zamaraev (aka tonal) <tonal@...>
      3 paul <paul.tremberth@...>
      3 Martin Olveyra <molveyra@...>
      3 Jordi Llonch <llonchj@...>
      3 arijitchakraborty <myself.arijit@...>
      2 Shane Evans <shane.evans@...>
      2 joehillen <joehillen@...>
      2 Hart <HartSimha@...>
      2 Dan <ellisd23@...>
      1 Zuhao Wan <wanzuhao@...>
      1 whodatninja <blake@...>
      1 vkrest <v.krestiannykov@...>
      1 tpeng <pengtaoo@...>
      1 Tom Mortimer-Jones <tom@...>
      1 Rocio Aramberri <roschegel@...>
      1 Pedro <pedro@...>
      1 notsobad <wangxiaohugg@...>
      1 Natan L <kuyanatan.nlao@...>
      1 Mark Grey <mark.grey@...>
      1 Luan <luanpab@...>
      1 Libor Nenadál <libor.nenadal@...>
      1 Juan M Uys <opyate@...>
      1 Jonas Brunsgaard <jonas.brunsgaard@...>
      1 Ilya Baryshev <baryshev@...>
      1 Hasnain Lakhani <m.hasnain.lakhani@...>
      1 Emanuel Schorsch <emschorsch@...>
      1 Chris Tilden <chris.tilden@...>
      1 Capi Etheriel <barraponto@...>
      1 cacovsky <amarquesferraz@...>
      1 Berend Iwema <berend@...>

0.16.5 (released 2013-05-30)

- obey request method when scrapy deploy is redirected to a new endpoint (:commit:`8c4fcee`)
- fix inaccurate downloader middleware documentation. refs #280 (:commit:`40667cb`)
- doc: remove links to, which is no longer available. closes #246 (:commit:`bd58bfa`)
- Find form nodes in invalid html5 documents (:commit:`e3d6945`)
- Fix typo labeling attrs type bool instead of list (:commit:`a274276`)

0.16.4 (released 2013-01-23)

- fixes spelling errors in documentation (:commit:`6d2b3aa`)
- add doc about disabling an extension. refs #132 (:commit:`c90de33`)
- Fixed error message formatting. log.err() doesn't support cool formatting and when error occurred, the message was:    "ERROR: Error processing %(item)s" (:commit:`c16150c`)
- lint and improve images pipeline error logging (:commit:`56b45fc`)
- fixed doc typos (:commit:`243be84`)
- add documentation topics: Broad Crawls & Common Practies (:commit:`1fbb715`)
- fix bug in scrapy parse command when spider is not specified explicitly. closes #209 (:commit:`c72e682`)
- Update docs/topics/commands.rst (:commit:`28eac7a`)

0.16.3 (released 2012-12-07)

- Remove concurrency limitation when using download delays and still ensure inter-request delays are enforced (:commit:`487b9b5`)
- add error details when image pipeline fails (:commit:`8232569`)
- improve mac os compatibility (:commit:`8dcf8aa`)
- use README.rst to populate long_description (:commit:`7b5310d`)
- doc: removed obsolete references to ClientForm (:commit:`80f9bb6`)
- correct docs for default storage backend (:commit:`2aa491b`)
- doc: removed broken proxyhub link from FAQ (:commit:`bdf61c4`)
- Fixed docs typo in SpiderOpenCloseLogging example (:commit:`7184094`)

0.16.2 (released 2012-11-09)

- scrapy contracts: python2.6 compat (:commit:`a4a9199`)
- scrapy contracts verbose option (:commit:`ec41673`)
- proper unittest-like output for scrapy contracts (:commit:`86635e4`)
- added open_in_browser to debugging doc (:commit:`c9b690d`)
- removed reference to global scrapy stats from settings doc (:commit:`dd55067`)
- Fix SpiderState bug in Windows platforms (:commit:`58998f4`)

0.16.1 (released 2012-10-26)

- fixed LogStats extension, which got broken after a wrong merge before the 0.16 release (:commit:`8c780fd`)
- better backwards compatibility for scrapy.conf.settings (:commit:`3403089`)
- extended documentation on how to access crawler stats from extensions (:commit:`c4da0b5`)
- removed .hgtags (no longer needed now that scrapy uses git) (:commit:`d52c188`)
- fix dashes under rst headers (:commit:`fa4f7f9`)
- set release date for 0.16.0 in news (:commit:`e292246`)

0.16.0 (released 2012-10-18)

Scrapy changes:

- added :ref:`topics-contracts`, a mechanism for testing spiders in a formal/reproducible way
- added options ``-o`` and ``-t`` to the :command:`runspider` command
- documented :doc:`topics/autothrottle` and added to extensions installed by default. You still need to enable it with :setting:`AUTOTHROTTLE_ENABLED`
- major Stats Collection refactoring: removed separation of global/per-spider stats, removed stats-related signals (``stats_spider_opened``, etc). Stats are much simpler now, backwards compatibility is kept on the Stats Collector API and signals.
- added :meth:`~scrapy.contrib.spidermiddleware.SpiderMiddleware.process_start_requests` method to spider middlewares
- dropped Signals singleton. Signals should now be accesed through the Crawler.signals attribute. See the signals documentation for more info.
- dropped Signals singleton. Signals should now be accesed through the Crawler.signals attribute. See the signals documentation for more info.
- dropped Stats Collector singleton. Stats can now be accessed through the Crawler.stats attribute. See the stats collection documentation for more info.
- documented :ref:`topics-api`
- `lxml` is now the default selectors backend instead of `libxml2`
- ported FormRequest.from_response() to use `lxml`_ instead of `ClientForm`_
- removed modules: ``scrapy.xlib.BeautifulSoup`` and ``scrapy.xlib.ClientForm``
- SitemapSpider: added support for sitemap urls ending in .xml and .xml.gz, even if they advertise a wrong content type (:commit:`10ed28b`)
- StackTraceDump extension: also dump trackref live references (:commit:`fe2ce93`)
- nested items now fully supported in JSON and JSONLines exporters
- added :reqmeta:`cookiejar` Request meta key to support multiple cookie sessions per spider
- decoupled encoding detection code to `w3lib.encoding`_, and ported Scrapy code to use that module
- dropped support for Python 2.5. See
- dropped support for Twisted 2.5
- added :setting:`REFERER_ENABLED` setting, to control referer middleware
- changed default user agent to: ``Scrapy/VERSION (+``
- removed (undocumented) ``HTMLImageLinkExtractor`` class from ``scrapy.contrib.linkextractors.image``
- removed per-spider settings (to be replaced by instantiating multiple crawler objects)
- ``USER_AGENT`` spider attribute will no longer work, use ``user_agent`` attribute instead
- ``DOWNLOAD_TIMEOUT`` spider attribute will no longer work, use ``download_timeout`` attribute instead
- removed ``ENCODING_ALIASES`` setting, as encoding auto-detection has been moved to the `w3lib`_ library
- promoted :ref:`topics-djangoitem` to main contrib
- LogFormatter method now return dicts(instead of strings) to support lazy formatting (:issue:`164`, :commit:`dcef7b0`)
- downloader handlers (:setting:`DOWNLOAD_HANDLERS` setting) now receive settings as the first argument of the constructor
- replaced memory usage acounting with (more portable) `resource`_ module, removed ``scrapy.utils.memory`` module
- removed signal: ``scrapy.mail.mail_sent``
- removed ``TRACK_REFS`` setting, now :ref:`trackrefs <topics-leaks-trackrefs>` is always enabled
- DBM is now the default storage backend for HTTP cache middleware
- number of log messages (per level) are now tracked through Scrapy stats (stat name: ``log_count/LEVEL``)
- number received responses are now tracked through Scrapy stats (stat name: ``response_received_count``)
- removed ``scrapy.log.started`` attribute
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