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On the fader we tested (inside a Vestax PMC-07 Pro) we found that the
fader ran from 0V to +10V. One of the pins went from 0V to +10V as you
moved left to right, and another pin went from +10V to 0V as you moved
left to right. We soldered on to both of these pins, and halved their voltage
using a simple voltage divider circuit with equal valued resistors. 2x 10K
or 2x 100K resistors should work well for the voltage divider. The ground
should be connected to the Arduino ground as well as the fader ground. The
tap in the center of the voltage dividers should be fed into the analog input
on pin A0 and A1.
This sketch will then send back a single value describing the position of the
fader to the ScratchOSC app.
const int analogInPin0 = A0; // Analog input pin for Channel 1
const int analogInPin1 = A1; // Analog input pin for Channel 2
int sensorValue0, sensorValue1;
void setup() {
// initialize serial communications at 115200 baud
void loop() {
// read the two voltages
sensorValue0 = analogRead(analogInPin0);
sensorValue1 = analogRead(analogInPin1);
// sum the two analogRead values
int final = (1024 - sensorValue1) + sensorValue0;
// divide by 2 to average the two values
// divide by 4 to convert 10 bits -> 8 bits
final /= 4 * 2;
// send the single byte over serial
Serial.write((byte) final);