HOWTO Mount Amazon Cloud Drive on Ubuntu

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Install Prerequisites
sudo apt-get install python3 python3-appdirs python3-dateutil python3-requests python3-sqlalchemy python3-pip
Install acd_cli

cd  ~
sudo pip3 install --upgrade git+
Initiate "sync"

The "sync" process will launch a browser (lynx/etc) to and setup your oauth key.

acd_cli sync

Copy/Paste and store your oauth data. Note: it will most likely have improper newline breaks. Fixup in your favorite text editor.

vi ~/.cache/acd_cli/oauth_data

TIP: If your headless Linux box is using w3m, press S key to download the screen buffer displaying your oauth token to a file.

The format of the oauth_data file should look like this. Make sure there's no white space after Atza|

"access_token": "Atza|blahblah",
"expires_in": 3600,
"refresh_token": "Atzr|blahblah",
"token_type": "bearer"
Add your user to the "fuse" group to allow mounting

sudo addgroup <username> fuse


e.g. mount the root of your Amazon Cloud drive to the /media/amazon directory

acd_cli mount /media/amazon
 -d     exclude duplicate files from upload
 -x     upload threads

e.g. Upload your local /media/tardis-x/media/TV directory to the root of your Amazon Cloud Drive.

acd_cli upload -d -x 4 /media/tardis-x/media/TV /
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