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Getting OpenMW Working on OS X

Initial setup

First of all, clone OpenMW repo.

    $ git clone

Or use your github url if you forked.

About dependencies: I prefer not to install them globally (i. e. in /usr/local/), so I'm installing them in directory in my home directory. If OpenMW sources is in $HOME/path/openmw, I'm using $HOME/path/libs/root as prefix for boost and other libs.

It's useful to create env var for lib install prefix:

    $ export OMW_LIB_PREFIX=$HOME/path/libs/root`

Most of libs can be installed from Homebrew. Only mpg123 needs to be installed from source (due to lack of universal compilation support). I think that some of libs can be installed from MacPorts or Fink too.

As OpenMW currently only supports i386 architecture on OS X, denendencies also should support it. Set some env vars in current terminal:

    $ export CFLAGS="-arch i386"
    $ export CXXFLAGS="-arch i386"
    $ export LDFLAGS="-arch i386"

If you close your terminal, you should set env vars again before pcoceeding to next steps!


Download boost and install it with the following command:

    $ cd /path/to/boost/source
    $ ./ --prefix=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX
    $ ./bjam --build-dir=build --layout=versioned \
    --toolset=darwin architecture=x86 address-model=32 \
    --link-shared,static --prefix=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX install

Alternatively you can install boost with homebrew:

    $ brew install boost --universal

I think MacPorts also should support universal build for boost.


Download Ogre SDK (tested with 1.7.3), unpack it somewhere and move lib/Release/Ogre.framework into /Library/Frameworks.


Download patched OIS and use the XCode project provided. Be sure to set your build architecture to i386. Once it built, locate built OIS.framework with Xcode and move it to /Library/Frameworks.


Download MPG 123 and build it:

    $ cd /path/to/mpg123/source
    $ ./configure --prefix=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX --disable-debug \
    --disable-dependency-tracking \
    --with-optimization=4 \
    --with-audio=dummy \
    --with-default-audio=dummy \
    --with-cpu=sse_alone \
    $ make install


Download libsndfile and build it:

    $ cd /path/to/libsndfile/source
    $ ./configure --prefix=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX \
    $ make install

or install with homebrew:

    $ brew install libsndfile --universal


Download Bullet and build it:

    $ cd /path/to/bullet/source
    $ mkdir build
    $ cd build
    $ cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release \
    -G"Unix Makefiles" ../
    $ make install

or install with homebrew:

    $ brew install bullet --HEAD --universal

I prefer head because 2.79 has some issue which causes OpenMW to lag. Also you can edit formula and install 2.77, which is stable and haven't mentioned issue.


Install Qt. Qt SDK distributed by Nokia is not an option because it's 64 bit only, and OpenMW currently doesn't build for 64 bit on OS X. I'm installing it from Homebrew:

    $ brew install qt --universal

Run CMake

Generate the Makefile for OpenMW as follows and build OpenMW:

    $ mkdir /path/to/openmw/build/dir
    $ cd /path/to/open/build/dir
    $ cmake \
    -D OGRE_SDK=/path/to/ogre/sdk \
    -D BOOST_INCLUDEDIR=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX/include/boost-1_45 \
    -D SNDFILE_LIBRARY=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX/lib/libsndfile.a \
    -D MPG123_LIBRARY=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX/lib/libmpg123.a \
    -D BULLET_DYNAMICS_LIBRARY=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX/lib/libBulletDynamics.a \
    -D BULLET_COLLISION_LIBRARY=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX/lib/libBulletCollision.a \
    -D BULLET_MATH_LIBRARY=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX/lib/libLinearMath.a \
    -D BULLET_INCLUDE_DIR=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX/include/bullet/ \
    -G "Unix Makefiles" /path/to/openmw/source/dir
    $ make

You can use -G"Xcode" if you prefer Xcode, or -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" if you prefer Eclipse. You also can specify -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug for debug build. As for CMake 2.8.7 and Xcode 4.3, Xcode generator is broken. Sadly Eclipse CDT also cannot import generated project at least on my machine.

If all libs installed via homebrew (excluding mpg123), then command would be even simplier:

    $ cmake \
    -D OGRE_SDK=/path/to/ogre/sdk \
    -D MPG123_LIBRARY=$OMW_LIB_PREFIX/lib/libmpg123.a \
    -G "Unix Makefiles" /path/to/openmw/source/dir
    $ make

Note for users with recent Xcode versions: you must explicitly specify what set of compilers do you use! If not, gcc will be used for C and Clang for C++. Just add this two -D's to command: -D CMAKE_C_COMPILER=/usr/bin/clang and -D CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=/usr/bin/clang

Note for Xcode 4.3 users: you should specify full path to used SDK, because current CMake (2.8.7) couldn't find SDKs inside Xcode app bundle:

    -D CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT="/Applications/"


From your build directory run:



    $ open    


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