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@screemerpl screemerpl released this Aug 12, 2019

Change Log:

  • Finished MemoryCardManager - a tool to copy and delete save games between memory cards
  • Improved Retroboot integration
  1. AutoBleem now creates basic playlist for scanned games in RetroArch
  2. Ability to run PS1 games directly from EvoUI by pressing Square button on game cover (AutoBleem resume points are not supported in RA)
  3. Ability to start any RetroArch game directly from EvoUI (support for other emulators) Note: Playlists need to be correct for autobleem to see the games for other consoles) - Use L2+Select to select RA platform
  4. Memory Cards are automatically copied from/to RetroArch on PS1 game start in EvoUI
  5. All settings for PS1 games (including global widescreen and filter settings) used on PCSX are also applied on RetroArch when starting from EvoUI (warning if settings override for core is set in RA AutoBleem will not be able to change any settings)
  • New PCSX build with ability to QuickSave/Load
  • Fixed PCSX code to save AutoBleem configuration file (pcsx.cfg) from menu that was incorrectly written by Sony
  • Language updates
  • Routine to remove "full stop" from publisher names
  • CHANGED "OPTIONS MENU" to use CIRCLE AND CROSS to apply or cancel settings change (if you get used to autosave on circle you may need to get used to it for a bit of time)
  • New about screen listing all contributors and AutoBleem Team members
  • New updated aergb theme (by rubixcube6)
  • Many minor bugfixes / code cleanup (thanks to Axanar)
  • We do not call it beta as looks that some people just do not like this word .... so let's call it ... "Ultimate" this time :)

0.7.1 - FIXED: ClassicUI incompatibility

NOTE: CoverDBs are not changed - please use assets from previous release

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