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A personalised version of Er the configurable blog theme for Hugo, with elements inspired by this blog.


  • No inline JS or CSS - everything is moved to seperate files for better security
  • YouTube shortcode re-added because by default it was broken with frame-src set securely
  • Staticman comments added
  • Open graph tags
  • tag and category pages
  • table of contents for your posts (from tocbot)
  • renders Math with KaTeX
  • tag cloud on big screens



You can put your favicon at static/favicon.ico, the theme will automatically look for it there. If you want to choose a different path, please set the favicon parameter in [params] in the config.

Customize the colors

This theme uses CSS variables, and if you want to change the colours on this theme, you can override the variables.css in layouts/partials/css. This is loaded before the theme css.

Google analytics

Google analytics tracking code can be added to config.toml like this:

googleAnalytics = "UA-123-45"

Markdown TOC

Table of contents is activated by default, if it detects markdown headings. To turn it off, just add toc = false in the frontmatter. Alternatively, you can turn off contents page for the whole site by setting showtoc = false under the [params] section of config.toml, like this:

showtoc = false

Math rendering

Math rendering is off by default, can be turned on for individual posts or pages by setting math = true in the frontmatter.

Tag cloud

Tag cloud is shown by default. To disable, add showTagCloud = false under the [params] section, similar to showtoc. You can also configure the maximum number of tags you want to show in your tag cloud, using the maxTags key under [params]. This number is 50 by default.

back to top button

Back to top button is also shown by default. To disable, add showScrollToTop = false under [params].

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