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Kuhsaft. A CMS as simple as it could be

IMPORTANT: Kuhsaft >= 0.3.0 runs only on Rails 3.1. If you are stuck on Rails 3 go for the 0.2 Versions

Yiiihaaaaaa! Howdy, Let's milk the cow!

The Who, What and Why?

Kuhsaft is made by some Rails developers at Screen Concept that got tired of fiddling with unusable content management sytems. We are trying hard to make a minimalistic and developer friendly CMS. Our goal is to provide a system for ourselves and our customers that makes the of-the-shelf website project a hasselfree thing. On one side easy to set up, integrate and customize (good for devs) on the other hand it should be easily usable by anyone.


Kuhsaft requires

  • A Rails 3 app to be integrated into
  • ImageMagick
  • An ActiveRecord compatible DB


Add Kuhsaft to your Gemfile:

gem 'kuhsaft'

And run

bundle install

to get the gem

Then install the assets and the migrations and run them:

rails generate kuhsaft:install:migrations
rake db:migrate

If you are upgrading, run those installers again and hopefully we will generate just the migrations you need.

(NOTE: Steps below should hopefully not be necessary in future versions:)

Finally, you need to add a before filter to the application controller (for now...)

ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
  before_filter :available_locales

  def available_locales
    Kuhsaft::Page.translation_locales = ['de', 'en', 'fr']

If you want to use devise for protecting the admin parts, do this in an initializer:

Kuhsaft::Cms::PagesController.class_eval do
  before_filter :authenticate_user!


Building a navigation

Create a toplevel page and set the page type to "navigation". You can now get the child pages by using the navigation helper with the slug of that page:

navigation_for(:slug => 'main-navigation') { |pages| ... }

Integrating custom Models into Kuhsaft (aka Rails Admin Lite)

There is a chance that Pages and Assets is not enough for you and you need custom models in your Rails app. It's your lucky day, because Kuhsaft was designed with the goal to easily integrate into a usual Rails app.

There is one caveat though: You need to stay in the Kuhsaft namespaces for your admin controllers and views if you want to use the Kuhsaft UI as a backend to your models.

There is a high probability that we will ship our own generators for all this stuff in the future, meanwhile, you'll have to do some manual work:

Add the route to your resource, within the locale scope and the cms namespace:

scope ':locale' do
  namespace :cms do
    resources :projects

Put your admin controller for the model in question in app/controllers/cms/ and keep it in the Cms namespace, e.g:

module Cms
  class ProjectsController < Kuhsaft::Cms::AdminController
    def index
      # do somethinng

As you can see you have to inherit from Kuhsaft::Cms::AdminController

As with the controllers, you have to respect the namespaces when adding the view. For the example above, we would create an index view in app/views/cms/projects/

As an example, the view might look something like this:

- content_for :admin_toolbar do
  = link_to t('.create'), new_cms_project_path, :class => 'button'

- content_for :cms_language_tabs do
  - Kuhsaft::Page.translation_locales.each do |locale|
    %li{ :class => (:current if params[:locale] == locale.to_s) }= link_to locale.to_s, cms_projects_path(:locale => locale)

  -@projects.each do |project|
        =link_to, cms_project_path(project)

Note that we can acess the admin_toolbar and the language tabs from here as well.

Finally, you need to create a partial called _admin_navigation.html.haml in app/views/cms/. This partial is used to render the additional navigation tabs in the Kuhsaft UI:

= admin_tab('Projects', cms_projects_path())


See the file LICENSE.

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