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Version 0.3

integrates your Android Device in the Desktop. Receive Notifications, Files and Commands from your mobile Device on your Desktop PC. The Data is send over a secure TLS Connection. The Connection is encrypted and authenticated with self-signed Certificates (RSA-2048 PK).

Warning: This Project is still in development (beta) and may contain some Bugs or Security Holes. If you find any, please report them ^^


- Project Website
- Source
- Google Play Store

Requirements (Desktop Server):

- Python >= 2.7 < 3.x
- pyopenssl
- GTK3


- make sure Ports 8082 and 8083 tcp are open
- start in Root Folder of the Project
- (optional) copy the Gnome Shell (>=3.8) Extension to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions
  and activate it 
- (optional) start unity/deskcon-indicator for a Unity Indicator


- start the DeskCon Desktop Server
- (optional) change config File in ~/.deskcon
- To pair with a new Device, start or use the Gnome Extension or Unity Indicator
- start DeskCon App on your Android Device
- select Network > Desktop Hosts
- click the + Button and enter the IP of your Desktop PC
- check whether the Fingerprints match


- Translations
- Mac/Windows support
- Fingerprint validation via QR Code
- Browser Extensions


- UI Design