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Interaction through double-glazing or any transparent object
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Interaction through double-glazing or any transparent medium
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Interaction through glass has been demanding in industry, business, education, advertising and entertainment fields. Different technologies exist and work in varied circumstances. For example: acoustics or vibration detection, computer vision, capacitive interactive foils, infrared and others. The existing technologies tend to not work reliably through double-glazing and in outdoors conditions. This project introduces an easy-to-implement, inexpensive solution, which is using light sensors to detect human actions and to interact with a computer. Light-Keypad can be used on any transparent medium, including through thick, coated double-glazing. This is a non-intrusive interactive method that may be used on existing objects and structures without modifying them. The prototype product has been used successfully in our current research project exploring the urban impact of digital screens.


More information about Phidgets-Light-Keypad:



Download and copy this project folder to anywhere you like in your local harddisk
Execute "run.bat" to start running


Five phidgets light sensors (model 1143) are connected to a single Phidgets inter-face Kit 8/8/8, which connects to a Windows PC via USB


Python 2.7

Install Python 2.7 to C:\

wxPython 2.9

Install wxPython 2.9 after Python 2.7 installed


Install PyWin32 after Python 2.7 installed

Phidgets Driver and Libraries

Phidgets driver and libraries can be downloaded from:

Project information:


The project was funded by the RCUK Digital Economy Programme (EP/I031413/1 & EP/I031839/1)
Project web page:


The Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham
MRL web page:


Lei Ye
Holger Schnädelbach
Steve North

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