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Missing exports in project dependencies #77

Hopobcn opened this Issue Dec 16, 2017 · 4 comments


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Hopobcn commented Dec 16, 2017

I've found an issue (and a possible solution) when loading screps-profiler to a project. I add this issue in case it's useful for others.

Use case:

function ploop() {
  if (Config.USE_PROFILER) {
  } else {
export const loop = ErrorMapper.wrapLoop(ploop);

Expected behaviour:

  • Uploaded dist/main.js contains a bundled screeps-profiler

Actual behaviour:

$ yarn push-develop
yarn run v1.3.2
$ rollup -c --dest develop

src/main.ts → dist/main.js...
(!) Missing exports
enable is not exported by node_modules/screeps-profiler/screeps-profiler.js
5: // Screeps system reloads your script.
6: if (Config.USE_PROFILER) {
7:     Profiler.enable();
8: }
9: /*
wrap is not exported by node_modules/screeps-profiler/screeps-profiler.js
29: function ploop() {
30:     if (Config.USE_PROFILER) {
31:         Profiler.wrap(mloop);
32:     }
33:     else {

And dist/main.js has some undefined calls:

function ploop() {
    if (USE_PROFILER) {
    else {

In game console:

[10:07:40]TypeError: undefined is not a function
    at main:2356:5
    at eval:2398:4
    at Object.<anonymous>:2:143116
    at Object.r.runCode:2:143673

Possible Solution:

In rollup.config.js, add a namedExprots section to commonjs plugin to manually export enable and wrap functions.

      namedExports: {
        'node_modules/screeps-profiler/screeps-profiler.js': ['enable', 'wrap']

Maybe screeps-typescript-starter/docs/in-depth/ could be modified to specify the rollup.config.js modifications required.

Does anyone have a better solution than this?


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resir014 commented Dec 17, 2017

Good catch! I'll go ahead and update those docs now.


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resir014 commented Dec 17, 2017

@Hopobcn and to answer your question, unfortunately no. Rollup has first-class support for bundling ES6 modules, but screeps-profiler is a CommonJS module, which means the module along with its named exports need to be resolved using rollup-plugin-commonjs.

Webpack gets around this by making everything a CommonJS module and then reimplementing the CommonJS require() system client-side, which gets around the namedExports issue at the expense of larger bundle size (which explains the seemingly boilerplate code it generates).

I could be wrong though, @apemanzilla can probably correct me.


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dmarcuse commented Dec 17, 2017

Yeah, this is an issue with the way screeps-profiler is written and a limitation of rollup unfortunately.


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resir014 commented Dec 21, 2017

Anyways, the docs have been updated. This can be closed now.

@resir014 resir014 closed this Dec 21, 2017

@resir014 resir014 added the docs label Dec 21, 2017

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