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Screwdriver example for validating, publishing, and tagging multiple templates
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Screwdriver example for validating, publishing, and tagging(promoting) multiple templates

In this example, we use the screwdriver-template-main npm package to assist with template validation, publishing, and tagging.

This example will publish two templates:

  1. golang/init
  2. nodejs/test

It will also tag the latest versions with the latest and/or stable tags, respectively. The golang/init template is located at the default template path sd-template.yaml, while the nodejs/test template is in a custom path templates/nodejs.yaml.

For the nodejs/test template, we run a remote test that has a simple nodejs app which will directly consume the nodejs/test template. If that test is successful, the promote_nodejs_template will run using remote triggers and tag the latest nodejs/test template with the stable tag.

See the templates documentation for more information.

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